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OK, This may be a daft question but having had Jinty for 16 years I had very little experience with dog's and what I would like to know as Rio has now mastered the art of 'cocking' his leg if rather enthusiastic at times and almost losing balance, - do all boy's urinate on themselves?.

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hehe :)
I don't think all dogs do it but many of them for sure!
Reuben is permanently wet in that region, so lucky me for brushing the tangles out!
Not all, but some seem to...Finnegan misses most of the time, but now that he is getting feathers in those regions, they seem to get a bit damp at time....LOL
Thank you for your replies it's good to know Rio is not a freak - just a 'little boy!'. He makes me laugh when he's prancing around full of himself and thinking he's 'all that' when he's just dribbled all over his feathers!. - Could be worse I read that male Poodles in a lot of cases stain their front legs!. Also someone suggested a solution by way of trimming the 'pee string!? - don't think I'll go there!. Does the constant urine, drying, brushing cause the hair to become brittle and break and should I just keep sponging him down?. Oh hum the joy's of 'boy's!'. : /




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