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Dalriach Auchindoun and Saoisse Red Nokomis are announcing the birth of their one baby boy. The boy was born Sunday, August 17 at 4.35 am and he weighed 450 grams. Today he is already 530 grams. Parents and boy are well, humum is quite tired as Sashi does not want her to leave them and keeps her awake all the time. She wants you to know that the little boy is the result of the honeymoon trip to the south of France and Venice.

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A lovely baby, Silvia, I hope he does well for you ;o]) I know you would have liked a few more, but this little one is going to be simply super!!
Well, of yourse we would have liked more - but we just figured out the average number in the litters we had, and we came up with 34 puppies in 3 litters, makes it over 11 - not bad, èh?
And of course, it would have done a whole lot of good, as the COI in this litter is extremely low! - Just a hint - and we can always try to repeat it, can't we?




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