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The older I get, and the more interested I have become in dogs and what makes them tick, the more tolerant have I grown as far as other breeds are concerned. I have ended up with a breed (had you asked me when I was in my early 20s) I could have sworn I would never ever have. I used to think sighthounds was definatly a "no-way"-breed for me, now I can think of quite a few breeds in that group I would like to at least try. Who (but elderly ladies) would possibly want a toy-dog? Not me!
(And I dont feel Im as old as I thought you had to be to own one!)
Im now in to my third.
My first encounter with bordercollies was in the early 70s in England. I thought they were bloody awful! OK if you had sheep, but otherwise...a very definite NO!
Now I am very seriously considering one and have got as far as to study pedigrees and check out differant breeders.
Yes I know that this is a site for Irish setter lovers...but what if you had to choose another breed, what would it be?

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I could easily fancy a large Munsterlander, a springer, an ES, or a .... well nearly anything that has lots of energy, doesn't constantly bark or cause serious injury to man or beast ... :-)




well, maybe, another IS!

Finn, BlackRetreiverX rescue have two setter crosses in at the moment, an English Setter X and an Irish Setter X. You can see pictures of both on their Facebook page, link above

I'm afraid it would only be a big Red boy for me, them lovely eyes the colour of the coat, the way they wrap you round there paws and find there way straight to your heart, what else do i need (",) 

An Old English Sheepdog?

Ooohh that is a lot of brushing. I would have to look at a field spaniel perhaps, Must have floppy ears and a gundog temperament.

Well that won't do. Irish have such kind and loving temperaments. Oh well I tried looks like it will have to another Irish Setter or a cat!!

I don't think my heart is really in it to get another breed Sue. I think I am well and truly hooked on setters.


A cat.


I could start a discussion on if not a setter what type of cat!

Not fluffy cats - way too much brushing (I used to own a Persian - what a nightmare!) but I might just revert to oriental Shorthairs when the knees are no longer working. Although they might just outlive me. My oriental X died last year at the ripe old age 22! I simply adore Chestnut Brown Orientals.


After owning two Irish Setters we took a break and owned a Brittany Spaniel.  He was a wonderful dog.  Just shed like a devil.  I still find his white hair after five plus years gone.  Someone mentioned a Tibetan spaniel, we know one that is a really nice dog.  That same lady also owns two English Cockers who are awesome, well mannered and friendly boys.  I call them the bookends because they seem to walk in unison.  I will probably downsize a bit as I get even older and would consider the English Cocker and I like the look of the Field Spaniel but my husband doesn't agree!  I know a few really nice Springers also.  But there I go back into shedding hell.  I like a dog who can sleep in our bed but doesn't leave half of himself behind.


Our beds seem to be the base line of approval. We upsized to a king but still have to fight for doona in the morning cuddles with our two boys. We have decided I can't walk 3 Irish and we would lose the bed claim if we had 3.




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