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 The funds that have gone into "bloat" research internationally  are incredible . I think the direction that AHT is now going is the logical one after such studies as those at Purdue which had a different focus.

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What do you think the differences in focus are between the Purdue and AHT research? Is one more focussed on locating a gene(or genes)  than the other? I seem to remember earlier research on bloat (back in the 90s?)  at Purdue which looked more at morphological factors but my memory is pretty hazy

As I understand it Margaret thats correct the research to date from has been stated on the AKC Website focused more around risk factors except the Samoyed Club program

The AKC Canine Health Foundation and Bloat

The AKC Canine Health Foundation has funded over $75,000 toward research on bloat. The research has been focused on determining risk factors that cause bloat. With your support research can continue and will hopefully provide ways of preventing this devastating condition.


The AHT initial study


Earlier in 2011 staff from the Animal Health Trust applied to the American Kennel

Club Canine Health Foundation (AKC CHF) for funding to undertake an ambitious

study to identify both genetic and epidemiological risk factors for bloat.

Unfortunately the AKC CHF declined to fund the study, mainly due to the high cost of

the proposal. The Animal Health remains committed to investigating the genetic

basis of bloat, but considering the overall cost of the study have decided to break the

project down into its component phases and seek funding and undertake the

individual stages sequentially. The study is, therefore, now being considered in two

separate phases:


I think all breeders are well aware of high risk bloodlines ,families and individuals in the breed, If this research at AHT can isolate the genetic component it would be a significant step forward


 as an aside the another one  of the reasons the Labradoodle experiment was abandoned at the Guide Dog Centre was the Standard Poodles "introduced " bloat.

Lets us AHT can come up with something definitive





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