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So now that the days are longer, the fellas are outside longer and Keba just runs and runs. Chasing whatever isn't tied down or just carrying one toy or another. He has lost considerable weight sinceWinter ended and his ribs and hip bones are distinguishable. Rooker also but not near so as Keba where on Keba it doesn't look right. They are getting about the best food available here at 30% protein and 20% fat with no corn, wheat or soy. I have upped Keba's feed about a cup but that puts him over the recommended amount per day. I suppose I could raise it more but I would then prefer to feed 3x/day but that is not possible now. I really don't believe it's parasites as he was fine all Winter gaining back what he ran off last Fall. They both go for wellness exams in 2 wks. Any thoughts or similar experiences.

On another quick note. It is quite humorous but if you give each a treat, they will take it into the others kennel to enjoy it. Anyone else ever observe this and maybe have an explanation.

Best to all on ES.


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Hi Rob

Cant help on the weight gain as I dont have any probs with that, mine eat every morsel they are given and are very very healthy on a raw diet....but had to add mine dont have kennels but they always swop bowls near the end of finishing their dinner...it always makes me laugh the way they check who's got what...am sure they are just checking they have the same...which they have...Bet they are just checking there is nothing hiding in the others kennel.....lol

Hi Finn

I do keep an eye on mine while they are eating their dinner as Riley is a slow eater, but Cassie just sits and waits for him to finish (never used too had to teach her).....they are both very good and have been known to share a bowl of food without any probs......But I do keep an eye on them as years ago I had two girls who would fight at meal times if kept together...Cassie is the boss and has proved to be much easier to train than Riley.....Who I must say is coming along nicely.....I dont think it is just raw fed dogs...as my old girls (not the ones who would fight) did the same and if you gave them the others ones bowl by mistake (one was a slight different shape) they would always go to their own bowls..I would put in different places just to see if they knew and they always did....they lived long lives together and not once did they ever growl at each other....they were not raw fed they would cost me a fortune in food as very fussy eaters.....not the case this time... :0)

Hi Jennie,

I feed them in their respective kennels so there is no competition for food and hopefully that slows their eating a little. The treat thing is just too funny. It's like they are dissing each other by 'taking it to the other's house'. I let them out individually too when outside and they have to wait to be released and then they just race to the back field. I like to say 'they be brothers.'


Hi Rob,

Maybe when you can start to give 3 meals make this extra one last thing at night so that Keba has a full tummy when going to bed and hopefully will get everything in his system from that feed instead of burning it all off asap, just a thought!!! Good luck x




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