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Hi just wondering if many from ES were going to Crufts this year?
I know of a couple people going, it would be nice to put faces to the names (",)

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I'm going to watch as Rigsby didn't qualify so it'll be a Busman's Holiday!  I normally watch the dogs but I'm in the market for a new puppy so there are a few bitches I want to check out.

I was there also on Friday, watching my friend with her Wire Haired Dachshund.   Got a lot of shopping done as well there won't be time for much else, other than watching the judging.

Can I suggest we all meet at the food hall at approx 1.00 pm (or during the break in the judging), and we can have a natter.

No Crufts for me this year as I am at home with the new born pups! Hope that for those going you manage to meet each other ! :-)

I would like to wish everyone who are going to Crufts tomorrow a successful day if you are showing, and a good day if you are visiting, enjoy. :):)

Unfortunately no Crufts for us this year, We normally try to go to catch up with our Setter friends, the only time we get a chance now we do not enter any shows"

nice to meet you in person Ellen, eventually found my way out, hope you spent lots :)

Glad you found your way out Mike, i'd hate to think you were still trying to get out of the NEC, you always have to buy something for the dogs when your there (".)

Nice meeting you and your daughter Clare, at Crufts ;) Megan and Abbey enjoyed the rubs ;)

It was nice to meet you too Carmel, we enjoyed fussing your girls. (",)

I see you enjoyed it, Ellen!

Yes James ,I had a great day surrounded by all them lovely Irish Setters (",)




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