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After many years of having horrible digital cysts my vet is now looking into the possibility of Ellie having ovarian remnant syndrome .I have been saying since the cysts first started that they only occurred after she had a hysterectomy due to pymetra.They occur roughly every six months (until recently) and our male dogs have always been 'interested ' in her nether reasons at that time.  She has had an injection of Chorulon which will show if there is any ovarian tissue after a blood test in just over a weeks time.

Interestingly, I wonder how my vet's will stand if the test is proved postive and the cysts result from a hysterectomy which wasn't carried out,in my opinion, very well at the time.This test is roughly six years since her hysterectomy and many years of great discomfort for Ellie and worry for us.

I would appreciate your opinions .




Ovarian remnant syndrome occurs when a portion of ovarian tissue is left in the abdomen - either because it is not properly removed in the first place, or because it is accidently dropped back into the abdomen during surgery. The remnant ovarian tissue may be very small or ectopic

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Hi Howard,

I'm really sorry Ellie has had all this trouble. Here is what I can tell you about this syndrome. Firstly, did your girl get a hysterectomy or an ovarian-hysterectomy? Because if it was just the histerectomy, then the ovaries are still there! (never heard of it, and it makes no sens to me that a vet would leave the ovaries behind, as there is no benefit on that!)

What I know about the syndrome is that in fact, if ovarian tissue is left behind, then the tiniest bit of tissue will still produce hormones! That means the bitch tecnically still has seasons, but just won't get pregnant because there is no uterus!

It can be left behind, it can drop, or there is a tiny possibilty the bitch had ovarian tissue somewhere else in her body (if that is the case, a perfectly performed surgery would not remove this tissue).

It's actually not that comon, because bitches have a "sac" around each ovary, and if the sac is removed intact, then there is no way ovarian tissue is lef behind! (oh, and it's generaly not hard to remove it intact...) Of course, complications can occur, specialy if your girl had Pyometra... this does make the surgery harder!

From what I know, it's really hard to find the tissue that is causing the problem, so unless there is some new way to find the tissue and remove it for SURE (never heard of any way to do this, but this is really not my main area of interest...), I wouldn't let a vet open her up to look for the tissue! 

If Ellie really does have the syndrome, I'd look for hormonal options that are safe for her and see if that helps with the cysts... 

Best of luck to you and your girl, I really hope you can find a solution to your problems!

Thank you Teresa for your very helpful reply.

Ellie had an ovarian hysterectomy.

I realise that any tissue that may be there could be difficult or impossible to find and I think your advice about a hormonal option is wise and is the option I will take should the test be positive.

I am puzzled why my vet (who was not the one that carried out her hysterectomy) has waited so long to do this test which is very simple.

Thank you again and I will let you know the results.




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