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Can anyone recommend a Vacuum Cleaner that's good for Irish Setter Hair? Particularly one that's fairly easy to lift for stairs etc. Mine's on it's last legs.

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I have a Dyson and its coming up to 8 years old and the suction is still great!!! But you must wash the filter every 6 months :o)

I've got a Vax...it sucks (beautifully), but you can't take it apart to get at blocked hair so after only 18 months, I'm also looking for a new one.  I may go back to a Dyson as they are expensive BUT you can maintain them and most of mine have lasted 7 years or more.

I've also had my Dyson for four years now; still happy with it. Took a peek to see what model that I have, it's a Dyson Absolute Animal DC. (I didn't realize that I had an Animal)  My daughter  borrows it about every two weeks to pick up what her sweeper leaves behind! lol   Happy shopping everyone, just what we love- buying vacuums! .....Joy.....

We have a Vax and a Dyson (now waiting repair) and our Vax you can take apart and is easier to unblock than the Dyson.Both are good but we prefer the Vax as it is lighter to use.

Just wondering, can you instal a ducted vacuum systym? If you can and your handy, you can do it yourself to save costs and there's no dagging it around which makes it great for stairs. Suction is fantastic, lookout for the furkids tails! Lol.




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