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I have an almost four year old Irish Setter by the name of Ruby who was purchased from a Pet store in early 2007 in NSW, Australia.
I have been trying very hard to track down any history that I would like to know, what breeder etc.
But have had no luck so far, but have managed to track down her 2 siblings.
I heard that the 3 pups were first advertised on the Internet, then sold at a pet store then transferred to another pet store, this is all the information I know.
Can anyone please help, I have had people saying that she looks like some Irish Setters they know, one said she looks like she has European lines?

Thank you very much,

Photos below:


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It is unlikely (not impossible) that she came from a "Registered Breeder". In NSW, Registered Breeders are (supposedly) restricted from selling to non-accredited pet shops, and they are very few and far between. So, if she came from a registered breeder, I doubt they would 'put-their-hand-up' to claim her. It is also unlikely that she came from a "Puppy Farm" as Irish Setters are not popular enough in Australia for them to be a targetted breed.

She most likely came from a "Backyard Breeder" (BYB). Either an accidental mating or one put together to try and make a quick buck. This would be extremely difficult to trace as BYB's rarely keep records.

My advice is to love her for 'what' she is not 'who' she is and she is obviously lovely to look at and great to have around, "cos you got another one!!!!
Yes that is what I think a Backyard Breeder, but that would of meant Ruby's parents were from registered breeders, And I thought possibly someone would have any idea, maybe she looks like some Irish Setters from breeders.
And Of course I love Ruby for what she is! I just want information because her brother bloats and she has terrible skin allergies, I just wanted any health history also.
With this information, I would be specially careful that Ruby isn't bred from. Both Bloat and "terrible skin allergies" have a high heriditary risk factor. It is sometimes hard enough to get accurate health histories for Registered dogs. A fair degree of trust is required, but having the Registerd Prefix attached to your dog's name means that his parentage can be traced and, hopefully, the breeder has put some effort into trying to minimise the risks of heriditary issues where possible.
Of course not, I don't intend breeding Ruby, she is already desexed.
It dosen't necessarily follow that her parents were from Registered Breeders. They could also have been BYB.
I wouldn't think so because there isn't many Irish Setters and not many BYB breeders.
They came from Port Macquarie, NSW. I have managed to track down the siblings maybe I can track down the BYB breeder, I have a breeder who said she could be related to her dogs because she sent a dog over in that area and Ruby also looks alot like her dogs, she will be sending me more information later.
Sorry, I meant to say the breeder was originally from Port Macquarie then they transferred the pups to two different pet stores, that's all we know because their was an ad on tradingpost first saying '3 Irish Setter puppies' that was a few weeks before we saw Ruby.
Hi Krista, I can't help with your search, but I wish you luck with finding some history on your lovely girl. cheers
Thank you Cheryl!
My suggestion is, if you know Ruby's date of birth, contact the registration dept. of the Australian KC explain you reasons and ask if any Irish Setters were registered on that day, the breeder may have registered a pup she has kept for future breeding.
Thank you! Good Idea.




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