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Do they all live, eat, sleep together! In your house? Or in kennels?

\when two bitches are in season at the same time, do you keep them together?

When bitches are in season, have you ever had disagreements between your dogs?

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What a funny boy!! Thats what male hormones will do!!;o))
I'm glad you decided to keep that photo for the back cover...it's brilliant!! :-)) Have you got any more photos like this?
Sorry Nicole, that was about all of my "humping-pug-pictures" used up...:-)
Are we not WAY OFF the subject here?
Hahaha... "after all this is sweden"... skrattar så jag gråter...
Great fun and love that pug but just to bring you back to the original discussion I keep all bitches, 5 at the moment and they all live in the house, in fact they have the run of all of downstairs as it is a small cottage and we don't have rooms you can shut off to the dogs. If any of them come in season at the same time they just flirt with each other all the time. They all eat together except the eldest who gobbles hers down and would try to eat everyone elses and they don't usually fall out except two of them fell out over a potato skin that fell to the floor the other day, just made loads of noise and frightened me and they both had a really good telling off as I can't stand fiesty dogs. 3 of them sleep on the sofa, 1 chooses to sleep in her bed in the same room and the eldest sleeps beside our bed upstairs.
Hi Catherine!

I keep all my six dogs with me in my house and they can go wherever they like to in the house. Actually when some of my bitches is in season there can be some disagreements between my two oldest mails, and if I don´t step in and stop it I am sure it would be a fight. I usually leave the bitch (in season) with a friend for one week, makes it easier for me and easier for the dogs.
I always refer to my house as ''the Kennel'' My dogs have always stayed in the house, and they all (only two at the moment) sleep on the bed with me. If you want to know what falling out is, try keeping more than one Akita. They will fight at the drop of a hat, and they mean it, they will actually kill each other, given the chance, and if they had ever realised that I wasn't as strong as them, well it doesn't bare thinking of...fortunately they never did find out.... They say if you keep two doors between a bitch in season and a stud dog, that will stop any problem.....wrong... my male Akita just ate through the two doors..I found them, very contented, when I came home...the equivalent of the cigarette in bed...so he went to the vet and had his **** removed, the very next day someone wanted to use him at stud, he had great lines, just didn't look too good, for show that is, very handsome boy, to me...
Oh by the way Ursula, fantastic picture...as per...
Thank you for all your comments and also all the photos! Most entertaining some of them!
At one time I had 6 dogs living together in the house with us with very little problem...it is when I started keeping bitches and dogs at the same time that life got more complicated! Fortunately I have a large house and so when bitches are in season I tried to keep them as far away as possible from the dogs so that the dogs don't get too upset! I have usually 4 days when Peter cries and cries and does not eat....and then it stops ....and it is such a relief for everybody!
would love to write something interesting but i only have two girls who are never together in season :-) and both inside in the flat - as i have no house with garden - yet. :-))) although if i had, they still would be around where i am, both are quite attached to me.

thanks Susann. yes, they love each other dearly.
Very sweet;o))
What a beautiful photo Laura. Just gorgeous.




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