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I went as a spectator and shopper and really enjoyed my day - having recently come back to showing after a long break its fascinating to see changes in the event.

I think more than anything it showed how much I've learned from internet sites such as this. There was no better place than around the ringside to watch movement and see how that was affected by construction; to see different line types; to admire the dedication that overseas exhibitors had in bringing their animals to the UK for the show and their various styles of presentation. To meet people whose lives and opinions I've followed here and elsewhere online actually doing what they write about.

As ever, there are old friends and admired dogs who weren't there, and their absence made a difference. For a couple of years I sat next to Sybil Lennox at the ringside and she was a great tutor and commentator - you can pick up so much knowledge from your neighbours, as well as chat and gossip.

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It's been a few years since I've been to the Crufts.  It was a show I always wanted to see.  I'd seen clips of it on Animal Planet.  It looked to be the ultimate in dog shows.  So, I went two years in a row.  I really enjoyed watching the different breeds.  I also had a wonderful time shopping for my Redhead.  It was just amazing.  I hope to go again some day.




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