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I would welcome input, Dublin had a seizure about an hour ago....UPDATE

Dub has epilepsy. He has had 3 more seizures since last night. We started him on the pheno this morning and so far not so great but we are hoping. The vet is concerned because he is clustering but he is settled now and we will take him to the hospital overnight if things get bad. Such a gorgous dog, such a tragic turn of events the past two weeks. I wish things were how there were before but I can't go back now. I didn't think it would progress this fast.

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Hi Susan,
You must be in shock to see this happen to Dublin.Don't be too hasty though his seizure activity could be caused by all sorts of problems. Like a high temperature you said he had not been well with his stomach and this could be related. I am fortunate enough to have no experience with EP in dogs but am a epilepsy specialist nurse with humans. Like humans sometimes there is no cause other times simple things like a high temperature can cause the seizure other things are bangs on the head or trauma around the head or neck.There are of course more serious conditions which can cause seizures some curable with surgery others can be controlled with anti epileptic medication. Humans and animals can and do live good lives when their seizures are controlled, You must see your vet asap and take it from there. Good luck I hope the prognosis is a good one.
Blood tests came back as normal. So they want to put him on meds. Takes a few weeks to get the right dose to not make him sleep all day. I called the breeder. Her words were to not spend to much money on this because they weren't happy with the mother used in his breeding. Other pups had stomach issues also and one a heart defect. She stopped breeder her. She offered me another dog. They aren't my dog though! We will probably be back in to see our vet in the morning. They wanted to give me time to buy a new computer (mine crashed in the middle of all this stuff) and get some reading done on the subject.
Sounds like a wonderful breeder to me! :-(((

The medication will have side effects but they usually disappear after 3 weeks.
I agree with Astrid about the breeder - our dogs aren't commodities to us the way they are to many breeders - she may be more concerned about the word getting out that she's not been breeding as carefully as she might!

See what the vet thinks and don't give up hope. Try to treat him as normally as possible. If he picks up on your anxiety, he'll worry too! If the vet thinks he can cope then try it - as Karen said - there could be many causes.

Good luck - thinking of you and Dublin.
Hi Susan
It is so difficult to think straight at such an awful time - panic almost consumes you when your dog is unexpectedly ill . Try to be as informed as you can about epilepsy and give the medication chance to work before making any big decisions. I would seek reassurence from the vet that all possible causes of the seizures had been considered as Karen has just said. I have looked at your photo album - Dublin is obviously a much loved boy. Best wishes - I will keep updated with Dublin's news
Maggie Smith
Such wonderful support I am feeling right now. My husband took him out for a nice evening walk in the woods. A quiet place unlike the dog park although he sure acted squirrely like he missed his usual routine. I will head back tomorrow to the vet to try the meds. I am scared about that. He doesn't do well with any medication. But at least I can try it. Each time he has one they told me it is damaging the brain a bit more. Some might say (at times) Dub already acted brain damaged!! I smile saying that because he is a goof. I just have had no luck with this breed. Lost the last couple young and now this. It is sad because we never feel this way with any other breed of dog. We just have this love affair with them and they just haven't worked out for us.
Dear Susan
Thinking of you & Dublin, not a very nice time for you both. Hope everything turns out ok.
Chin up, I have the same luck with Siamese Cats. But keep going back, and finally (no 8) I have Cassie, 13 years old, still going strong, even though we have to inject her twice daily with insulan!
PS - Goof is the right word, Seamus is one too xxx
hi susan sorry to hear about dublin and hope you get him sorted out soon (poor thing) it must be so distressing to see him like that but im sure with medication you will get it under control.i am outraged at the breeders comments and the offer of another dog.no other dog will replace dublin.
please give the medication a try and see what results you get before doing anything you might later regret.
my dog layla as disabilities and you cope.i know its not an illness with her and what shes got is painless but its still very upsetting.these dogs are sent to us for a reason and with the tlc we can offer them they can have an excellent life.
good luck and everyones got you in their thoughts
I think you should not look at the breeder of Dublin in quite such a bad light.

Talking about not spending too much money on Dublin sounds very cruel to my ears. But on the other hand, offering a new dog (free of charge I presume) sounds as if she is trying to make the best of the situation. It may not have been the right time to mention this, but at least she was trying.
Although not being particually sensitive to the situation.
ursula did not mean to offend anyone when i said i was outraged at the breeder for suggesting "not to spend too much money on him" or she could have another dog.she may have been trying to compensate for dublins ill health but another dog would not have solved the problem.i hope susan does not do anything drastic at this stage because im sure shell regret it if she does.however i know medical bills can be very expensive also.
i am very lucky layla does not have to take medication and her condition is painless although
i would willingley have paid and used all my husbands retirement pension on my layla if it could have made her see.i also had total support from laylas breeder they travelled to take us to see people attended every appointment with us and i know they are on the other end of a telephone if i need them.
Hi Susan,

I'm so sorry to hear about Dublin. He sounds like such a gorgeous boy.
I can't offer you any advice about his condition, but I just wanted you to know that my English Setter Megg
has a pancreas disease (has had for the past 2.5 years) and she has to have medication with every meal
she has for the rest of her life. She cannot digest anything, not even a tiny treat without meds.
It just becomes a way of life and if the meds will help Dublin, then I'd definately go with it. They do have a
very high success rate with this sort of condition.
Thinking of you & Dublin.
Hi Susan,
I know you are having a terrible time just now, but do not give up too soon. I know it hurts to see your Dublin like this and it will also not be easy during the first few weeks on medication, but it is definitely worth the try. I know of quite a few dogs (all breeds) who are leading a happy life despite having epilepsy. I know not all are fortunate, but there are still a lot out there who stop fitting or the seizures become very rare once they are on suitable medication.
As far as I know the earlier treatment starts, the better the outlook.
I know we always ask 'why' but I don't think there is an easy answer. There are so many things that can trigger off epi that it does not really help worrying yourself about whether you could have done anything to avoid it happening.

Wishing you and Dublin all the very best,
Susan Stone




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