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This is just to update all who are interested in the Melanoma Vaccine..

Jas has just come back from the Royal Dick Veterinary Hospital, where she had a CAT Scan today, and they also removed one of her Lymph Nodes, (to check if the Melanoma has got into the Lymphatic System), that will be checked over the next week,

But the good news is that it hasn't yet spread into her lungs. and there was no real loss of bone where the tumor started in her jaw, so unlike my last post, it will be possible to administer the Melanoma Vaccine, it has been ordered from the US, so she will start with the injections in about six weeks time,

So I am now again keeping my fingers firmly crossed and hope that she will come through this successfully, She is now sleeping off the remains of today's anesthetic.

Thank you so much for all of the support over this dreadful time, she will still be coming with me to shows,

She was at our Open show yesterday at Alva, and after being let out to see her best friend Chloe, she shot off like a bullet out of a gun, trying to get into the hall, But the show was finished, She really enjoyed going, and seeing everyone. She will keep doing all she likes for as long as she likes, She will become so spoiled, Well more than usual, if that is at all possible, So thanks again for all the support from Jas's Friends on this site. 

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Was good seeing youy yesterday and letting you see my baby at last. So so so pleased sbout Jas remembering her in my prayers and you too x x x
The resilience of this lovely breed is humbling. A big morale hug to you and Jas.
oh dee im so pleased youve had a bit if good news regarding jas and i hope all goes well when she starts having the treatment.
its also good to hear shes still active and enjoying life going to shows ect
love and hugs to you all
lyn layla and lucy xxxxxx
Hi Dee,
That's great news about Jas. I didn't realise when we spoke yesterday that you both had all this to go through today. Jas is such a honey you couldn't spoil her if you tried - and I know you do. Good luck with the injections. Be in touch soon.
Ruth Maeve and Bridget
Many greetings to Jas and her great Mum:)
Good to hear these good news and hopefully the treatment will work well. Jas is such a nice girl and definitely worth being spoilt even more.
Thats great news Dee;o)) A more promising future for Jas;o)
This is a very very good news, and all the best! Jas looks so beautiful: I am sure you cant stop spoiling her !

I am happy for you and for Jas and thanks for the update. Enjoy every moment! John
Such a great update. I am keeping a watch for news from you and my thoughts and prayers are with you and Jas.
Dee, I am so happy to hear this news about Jas. She is such a beautiful girl who, I'm sure, will enjoy being spoilt
even more.

Hugs to you both.




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