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People are strange. I just read about survey results on peoples response to "What do you think is the most beautiful dog breed?" Just to show what poor taste people have, the Irish Setter ranked below dogs like the german shepard, black lab and the occasional bulldog. My opinion is that most of these folks need to go see an optometrist. How can that silky red coat not win first place? Opinions anyone? 

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I love everything about Irish Setters , the daft  things they do, the way they walk but mostly the beautiful colour of there coat, for me they are the most beautiful breed (",)

Hi Ellen, Don't forget those very Irish & mischievious eyes! I can always tell when they are up to something by the looks on their faces.

Your right Pat about the eyes as you say you can tell when they are up to something or about to do something (",)

Ellen you are so right about their beautiful colour coat, I tried for many years to colour my then dark brown hair for the gorgeous chestnut red colour of my Irish Setter.

Wonderful answers, and I saw Crufts video of the Lab, bit of a jaw dropper I thought.

By hook or by crook the Irish is first in my book.

Setters are less, hem hem, common, than those breeds mentioned so maybe that's why? I know the first thing many people say to me is that "you don't see them often these days". Maybe it's better for Setters to be more exclusive and stand out from the crowd? I know that barely a week goes by without people commenting on what a gorgeous dog I have, or how stunning his coat is, or calling a him 'she' as they think he has a pretty face!

when we bought our red setter over 10 years ago people came up to us and it was usually "we had one of those once" one guy stopped his lorry to talk to us.The Reds are very striking but the red and whites particularly the females go under the radar a bit as they can be mistaken for an overlarge springer and people only ask if you have more than one of them which gives away the fact they are meant to have long legs

I must admit that I've often thought that I'd like an English or a Gordon, just for a change.  Are there any differences or is it just the outward appearance? 

Too true Rhonda what you wrote.....
How lucky are we as Irish owners to know there's much more to love of this beautiful......more than skin deep. :) X
Should say " beautiful breed" sorry :)




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