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Hi! echoing Cornelia, and despite i could till a couple of weeks ago, I cannot see any photo either, not even my photos.. 

Is there any way we can solve this problem? Thanks and all the best to everyone! XXX Silvia y Oberon

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Hello Silvia,

trying to upload a photo of Juicy for her birthday today in the Blogs .....and it does not work !

Dear Catherine 

happy birthday to Juicy !!! 

in fact i can see your attempt but there is a white thumbnail and no photos. I know that Gene was looking at the site (our administrator) and I can see all other pictures in fact . Do you want to write a message to Gene ? all the best silvia 

I just tried to upload a picture of our Irish boy on the blog. I was able to put a picture of our Bailey Jo on my personal page.....his first on here. Can you all see that picture? I thought maybe I forgot how to add pictures!




yes I did find the photo in your photo....is this where it was supposed to go or in your blog ?




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