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Hi Everyone,

Its finally happening, i'm getting my IS puppy on saturday.

So happy i can barely sleep.

The breeder instructed me to contact my vet and ask for a non live vaccination,

i am using 2 different vets, depending on what would be best for the dog.

1 is refusing to do a non live and the other would do 50/50.

Attached is a article:

thoughts please,


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By keeping track of the type, label numbers and day given.  I also titer,  I do not like to give my dogs the 3 way or 4 way vaccine.  

 I can't see anyone here accepting the dog has been vaccinated unless a vet has signed the certificate.It certainly wouldn't be allowed or accepted if taking a dog into Europe.
doing the titers shows that the dog has received the vaccines and has the antibodies.  Also tells if they need a booster.  Most of the training schools here will take the titer test as proof of vaccine.  Loosing a dog to SLE I personally do not want to do any more vaccines than are needed.
are your shots single or multi?




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