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Hi guy`s

Just thought I would share this wiith you, it is funny in an unfunny way !!!!!!!!!!!!

Elsa had her first season 3 months ago, 3 weeks ago she started making milk but no other signs, no nesting, toy cuddling and not off her food. Any way last week she still had milk so I took her to the vet as she may nead to have somthing to dry it up. The vet examined her and said if I wish to give her another week that should be ok as her glands where normal, I prefer not to give unnessesary drugs so went with this. The other evening she was paying a lot of attention to cleaning one area, so I took a look incase she had a thisle or twig in her fur, and infact she was feeding on her own milk, (no wonder she was still making milk. )

The vet had never heard of this before, so just wondered if anyone else had ?

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No I have never experienced anything like that with my bitches. I suppose the milk will dry up if you can stop her feeding herself! :-)

Hi Angela

I happened to visit ES today and saw your topic. When Misty first came to me I noticed an orange crusty covering around her nipples. I was advised that most likely Misty had had a phantom pregnancy after her 1st season and this discolouration was dried milk. Because Misty was not living with me until after this occurred, I don't know exactly when this happened. I cleaned Misty's nipples with Colloidal Silver and the crust eventually went away. Misty had her 2nd season in June. She had no problems whatsover. She is a very clean girl. She is also a very healthy girl.

As for Elsa drinking the milk, I do not believe this would cause her any harm. In fact it should boost her immune system. Maybe she needs this at this time? Hopefully the milk will dry up naturally in the near future.

I have been giving Hobson Organic Bovine Colostrum to help him get through this healing crisis. I believe this has helped him cope with all the toxins dying and coming out through his skin.

I hope Elsa stays well. xxxxx

Thank you Catherine and Susan for your input. I had to go back to the vet yesterday as Elsa is still drinking the milk and as she is already a little overweight it`s not helping. Elsa is a very active girl, I keep her busy with field runs and games so she is simulated to destract her but when she is resting Yum, Yum.

As I could not prevent her doing this and unable to find a natural solution, the vet has put her on a 5 day course of Galastop ( not happy about this but could not see an alternative.) I couldn`t beleive how expensive this is ( are you sitting down?) £10 for 3ml YES 3ml. Lets hope it works.

Hi Angela, I sincerely hope the Galastop does work and it does not create other problems for Elsa. Unfortunately this information is too late now. Because I purchased this book so long ago, i.e. more than 20 years, I keep forgetting about it. Juliette de Bairacli Levy recommends a herbal remedy for drying off milk. She writes: "But in the rare cases of prolonged milk, or the troublesome milk which comes in false pregnanacies, milk can be dried up by internal and external treatments with herbs. Internally give 3 times daily, strong draughts of common garden mint, made into a tea, or the great reed, Arundo donax, given internally, macerate and give 2 teaspoons twice daily. Or raw cucumber juice can be given also, 2 dessertspons morning and night." She then describes the external herbal remedy.

 Anyway, I sincerely hope the Galastrop does work for Elsa and she does not have a recurrence of this problem. xxxxx




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