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We have now had a couple of discussions regarding hunting and not hunting with a setter, or more specifically what upsets members on this site in regards to photographs.

I am in contact with one hunter that now feels that publishing another photo of a setter retrieving game or being shown with the result of a good day hunting would be equal to committing "Ning-suicide".
And I find this very upsetting.

Another member wrote in one of the discussions that the photographs should show what we are proud of, and that could/should not include dead animals.

I am not a hunter, neither am I a show-person, but I think this site is great! In fact I think it is amazing that we can all discuss what we have in common...the setter. Being so used to there being a huge gap between hunting-setter-owners and all "others" in Scandinavia, I find all this site very refreshing.
Or at least I did until some time ago.

I now find myself defending hunters right to show photographs of what they are proud of, and that is a great day out in the field. Preferably with results to show for it.
Yet I dont hunt and am not interested in hunting.

We know that nothing is constant and everything changes, but this site is (was?) unique in the way that we all could share it and discuss our different ways of working/living with our setters. Please do NOT make the people that hunt with their dogs feel unwelcome on this site!
Heated discussions, yes!
I love them :-)
But a witch-hunt when it comes to photos showing what setters are being used for around the world?
No thank you!

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I agree Ursula! There is room for everyone and all opinions here! I dont object to photos of Setters doing what they were bred to do-retrieve game is part of that job! If people wish to hunt well that is their right(if it is humane) I dont hunt and dont wish to but still admire those dogs who do their job of finding and retrieving small game;o)) My dogs love to look for birds but just for fun!!;o) And look also at the other wonderful things these intelligent dogs can do(obedience, agility, tracking, rescue and they are pure lovers of people, especially children!)) More photos of those jobs too please and lets keep this site going(for all) as I love it ;o))
Well said Ursula! I totally agree with you!My dogs are shown but then they also have gundog training days and my husband goes shooting most Saturdays during the season. I think there is room for all aspects of the Irish Setter on this site and that is what makes it such interesting reading!
We should just agree to disagree, I don't think that some will ever enjoy the 'other side' of the use of these beautiful and versatile dogs, they don't actually mind what they do, the dogs that is, from sitting on the settee all day to working in the field all day. I think what all this started with the death of that unfortunate Roe Dear, (perhaps if we were more selective about what we posted,) but that defeats the whole idea of the site, we should be able to post what we want, but we are going to offend someone when we do, does this mean that we shouldn't post pictures???? I for one love to look at all the pictures, and yes I don't mind seeing dogs with ducks and pheasants in their mouths, I love to see them working, BUT......dead Dear I am afraid I personally don't like to see, so I don't look at them, if I can help it. I know that people get a great pleasure in working their dogs, and I have taken mine out on a training day, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed watching my dog do what it was meant to do, though I wouldn't like animals to die just to prove a point, ie that my dog can work.
We all have our own opinion, and some of the 'heated' debates are 'fun' but this last debate started to get personal, and that shouldn't happen, again can we not agree to disagree, and get back to how it was before all this started....and yes we can all start to see the other side and try and respect it...
Quite correct Dee!
A little less narrowmindedness would be a good start, and we are not forced to look at photos that we consider tasteless/boring/upsetting/or whatever...

There IS room for us all!
Perfectly said, Ursula. Thank you!

670+ members all with a common interest: their setter. But also 670+ members all with diverse backgrounds, lifestyles and opinions. That is what makes this site so fascinating and that is how it should remain. Please don't let the 'great divide' that we know in so many breed clubs become a reality here.
Viva la difference..:0)))
1. PHOTOS. After posting video with dead of roe dear (which was disgusting, but later I say why) started hunters offensive on this site and hot discussion about photos with dead animals.
I saw many photos from hunting on ducks with setters, and great "lay down" of hunted ducks in the end. These photos for me are normal. I have nothing against this.
I think everybody can add to this site what he wants but should be prepared on comments. Internet is open for us (this site visit not only setters lovers), but maybe some poeple doesn't know - this is a kind of newspaper, an exhibition and even the Salon of art. Before printing newspaper or opening exhibition people think what they want to give others to read or watch. And rather they want show what they are proud of. Commenting is normal way in media open area.
As I know here person who add any post has possiblity to delete comments on your posts.
2. HUNTING I'd like to read more stories about hunting, how prepare setters to work in field, practising rules etc. And I would like to contact with hunters in peaceful way, not so aggresive way some of them did during discusion about video. Here in Poland we have a very interesting magazine "Hunting Dogs" - I'm reading it with pleasure many years. There is a lot of photographs and very good illustrations drawn by artist.
3. VIDEO. In that film, in my opinion, for man was nothing to be proud. Later when I read Michaela's?( don't remember exactly who was the author, but hunter for sure) comment about hunting rules - to hunt in human way, no pain, animal don't suffer etc., that confirm my earlier opinion.
Because on that video setter did what wild animal should do. And human beings did not what they should.
STORY:There was a limbing young roe dear - we don't know way - car driver, miss shot on hunt....?
And human hunter wants to end her sufferings. So with two dogs and a riffle and a camera two persons went...
When they saw roe dear, hunting started. Human hunter shooted but not correct, roe got injured in bottom, so suffering roe got from a human hunter new injure, new source of pain (instead of ending her misery). In addition dogs caught up with roe, so that a human hunter couldn't shooting once more. In that situation dog (setter) ended roe's life.
Now is begining of video: we can see 2 dogs trying to eat dead roe, setter is bitting roe's neck, dachshund - is bitting bottom, later setter is trying to bite her belly. It lasts much more than few seconds - human hunter is watching and filming with camera what his dogs are doing. Than a human hunter is going near by the body and in most human way as possible is passing her with kicking the body.
In the end we can see a proud human hunter with riffle and two dogs along, and of course a trophy in front - dead roe deer.
The story is accompanied by music - final part of 9th Symphony by Beethoven "Ode to Joy".
In my opinion for this hunter there is nothing to be proud.




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