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Instead of reading 84 comments (maybe on weekend) on problems with hunters on this site, I prefer add a new question.
Last years we have had here in Poland few accidents when hunters killed (shooted) dogs, because they acknowlegded dogs were wild.
We have a law that let to kill wild dogs because they could chase on game. Dogs without owner long way, more than few hundred (don't remember exactly) meters from buildings. Dogs looking like losted, homeless, wild.
The truth is that hunters overinterpreted law and shooted many dogs.
We had few hot cases, for example when hunters killed 2 dogs when they were with their owner on walk close to forest in the village. Owner was on one side of meadow, hunters on other, dogs on meadow. There was a young german pointing dog from very good kennel with hunting tradition, teached to hunting.
We have very loud discusions in media, not only for hunters of dog lovers, but all-Polish newspapers.
Each case ended before court - internal hunters court. As I know each hunter is still a hunter, maybe they got reprimended. Don't know owner of dog got any fulfil.
Maybe this problem ended or media are not interested in yet? I don't know, but now it doesn't happen.
What is situation in your countries?

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Susan, in a way it is interesting the turns these discussion take.
In fact rather like any conversation.
You start at one end and move on...I personally find these "branching-outs" interesting. And have now learned about the horses in India amongst lots of other things.
Thanks Ursula!!!




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