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Dear all


I would like to find out if anyone here had experiences with a dog who’s tail had been amputated. We have been searching for an English setter puppy for a while and we finally found one through a breeder. The breeder told us that when this pup was in the whelping box her mom accidentally stood on her tail therefore she had a little bit removed. ( maybe half of her tail is taken)  Breeder is confident that this will not have any impact on her health in the future. Obviously we are not worried about the cosmetic side of things.  But it sounds like this little one is the runt of the litter so I’m wondering whether it would be risky to take her on board as a second dog. Our Irish setter Eva is 3 years old now she is very affectionate so I cannot see this being an issue for her.  

I will be glad if you can share your thoughts..Thank you 

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I have also heard that this sort of injury occurs occasionally in the way you were told it did. One cannot imagine that it would impact on future health otherwise docking would never have been allowed in the first place. Surely the issue is cosmetic and personal preference only, Senem? Best wishes.

Thank you for your message James. I had a chat with my vet and his advice was along the same lines so we decided to add this little puppy to our pack :) best wishes..

Congratulations Senem, she will have a great life with you all.




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