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Thank heavens for our little girl Saffy. Just like an Irish setter she loves to extend herself across the settee taking it over almost completely.  She is in prime position in the middle and we are at each end of the settee.  This has suddenly proved very useful, because the central heating boiler finally gave up last week and we will be without central heating for another fortnight!  Saffy has come to the rescue.  She is our doggy water bottle and snuggles up close keeping us warm  as we all snuggle together trying to keep warm.  Does anyone else use their setter to stop hyperthermia setting in?

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You are very lucky Teresa!!!!! MC too used to call me at bed time, grab my hand very softly and bring me to my bedroom, but did not open the bed for me and made sure he got the best of the bed allowing me to fit around though....
our Molly knows when we are going to bed and races first to get the best spot and yes we fit around her. at the moment with the hot weather I think she knows and usually sleeps on the floor
thats so clever what a gem
Who needs servants when we have such clever loyal setters around!  What a useful trick to be able to do.
Definitely, winter is snuggle time with my Girls both do a great job as furry red water bottles. We all keep each other warm.




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