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My youngster 18 months old sustained an injury on Friday, she managed to get out of the enclosed garden and field and went onto the road. I don't know what happened to her but she came back in extreme pain holding her back leg, the vet cannot find any obvious problems and she will have further investigations done today as it has not got any better over the weekend despite being on painkilling and anti-immflammatory medications. I assume they will sedate her to investigate for a ruptured cruciate ligament and do xrays but I wanted to know if any other setter people have dogs which have sustained a similar type of injury and what the treatments and prognosis for them is. I am keen to get her sound enough to go back in the show ring in the future and have heard that there are different types of operations and that some are more successful than others.

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My old girl Jinty ruptured her cruciate ligament when she was eight years old by hanging herself off the top of a wall by her back leg. My vet operated the next day and re attached the ligament onto the bone, as the option for letting it heal itself means there is a possibility that it can reoccur, then it was rest and recuperation until it was healed then gentle exercise to get her fit and build the leg strength back up, we never tried water therapy but I think swimming would be a good way to get the leg moving correctly, Jinty made a full recovery and went on to live a further seven and a half years, I would say that if she had done a lot of running and was tired she would drop her leg slightly, I also noticed that it 'turned in' she looked a bit 'pigeon toed' as she got older. This was ten years ago and I would think that veterinary practice has improved greatly, I would add that my cousin has a Newfoundland and earlier this year it had both it's cruciate ligaments operated on at the Newcastle veterinary Hospital it too has made a full recovery, the operations cost £ 6,000 and she isn't insured 'ouch!'. My advice would be that if you are not happy with your vet's prognosis don't be afraid to get a second opinion and if you want to be able to go on showing you want the best treatment possible.
Thank you Jennifer for your reassuring and prompt reply
Hi Angela, Hope your youngster is feeling better and that you have had positive news at the vets today, keeping our fingers crossed for you......Sue
Hi - Just to say hope everything has gone well for you, look forward to hearing of your youngsters progress.
Very bad news I'm afraid, the diagnosis is she has fractured her pelvis and just possibly got a hairline crack in one of her hip sockets so I am taking her to a specialist tomorrow to make a decision about the way forward, worse case scenario is full hip replacement but at the moment she is totally immobile except for being carried out for toilet when she can hop on three legs but she is in agony screaming all the time unless on her side relaxed. Can't wait for tomorrow to get something done about it. Will keep you posted when I have some positive news.
Angela, I had a 1 1/2 year old that got hit by a car and ended up with her hipbone torn straight out of its socket and then lodged in the thigh-muscle.
Naturally all the tendons were torn off as well.
On top of this she had a hairline fracture in her pelvis and had her paw run over.

When I was at the animal hospital and was told the news, my emidiate wish was to have her put down...but the vets wanted to try.
And they succeeded!
She was X-rayed before her accident and had A-hips and that helped (so the vets said). It took forever to heal all the tendons etc but eventually she was walking fine and I even showed her with the judge remarking on her great movement.
I also worked her in obedience (plenty of jumping and rushing and stopping involved) and she lived to be 15 1/2 years without any problems whatsoever.
She also had 3 litters of puppies.

Yet at the time, I would have thought she had no chance at all!
This was about 20 years ago, and I feel that much has improved since then...lets keep fingers crossed!
That's exactly what I needed to know at this time Ursula, thank you for lifting my spirits. At this moment in time I just want her to be able to walk and not be in pain and then let the future hold whatever
But to be quite honest Angela, I did go back to the animal hospital several times telling them to just put the dog down as she was in so much pain.
But they kept X-raying her and telling me she was making great progress and I was was forced to believe them.
And they were right!

At the time, no painkiller were used on dogs (changed now of course) and she (and I) had a very bad time....yet the result was totally beyond my wildest dreams!
Ill be thinking of you!!!!!!!!
Hi Angela, I wish you all the best. I have been reading this discussion, but I don't have any contribution, except that I hope all goes well and you and your girl get through this without too much pain and a good road to recovery soon. regards
Thank you all for your support.
So sorry to read your news, Angela. I had a sister of my Glen who at the age of 7 months suffered a similar fractured but it took two vets and two months to get the diagnosis... by then all that could be done was a full hip replacement. It was worth it because the bitch recovered very quickly and after 6 months was running and playing normally.
Good luck to you!
Hi Angela
I just wanted to wish you both the best and know your in my thoughts. I just know that their pain is so unbearable to watch and I hope that things turn out well for your dog. Keep us updated!




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