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I gave my girl one of those basted ham bones from a pet store, big mistake.
It seemed safe, but within minutes she had chewed it down to splinters.
I took it away from her, and she vomited up what she had swallowed.
I was shards of bone, this was 2 days ago ,I check her poop for blood she seem's to be ok.
I did a search for safe chews, and now I am wondering what is safe?

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Sure Susan, how many do you need??

You find deer antlers in their raw state for sale on E Bay. The small roe deer antlers are the lowest prices and about the right size for puppies


Great, Nicole, When are you coming over with a carload of antlers?

Margaret, I know I could buy online but that would mean customs control and import fees - and quite likely there'd be problems...

You can also buy them in the UK from www.bigdogworld.co.uk   Very good company to deal with apparently.

Bella's has just arrived in this morning's post and she is now giving it a good investigation - perhaps you should be on commission Nicole!

I met a dog walker yesterday whose two year old staffy cross had an intestinal blockage caused by swallowing rawhide.He had to be operated on and is now well.Maybe these bones should carry a warning!

The cheap strips made of some compresed material are made of the same material used in wall boards in the East,or so I am told.

One of the best chews we have found are Dentastix made by Pedigree,they don't last long but they do seem to keep their teeth in good order.

You may also want to try the Antos range of chews. They are made of wheat starch and are supposed to be free from any derivatives and by-products. Also, they clean the teeth quite well. If you buy them in bulk it's usually cheaper.


The rice bones are pretty good for hard chewers, actually.

Howard my dog is completely mad about Dentastix and previously was mad about Greenies. However, if given Dentastix my dog is passing blood in the urine and still we cannot find out why! Many exams were done on his urine track, kidneys, prostate, etc.. and the only way to stop the blood is to stop Dentastix. Obviously my dog has a special condition, but I heard about another dog having this problem too, so may be??? maybe??? if a dog has already a special condition such as let say a liver problem, those Dentastix are making things worse.

What puzzled me with Dentastix is the way dogs are so mad about it, they definitively love it, and I am wondering if there is any addictive drug added to it???

I am really happy to read about deer antlers, thanks everyone for this very interesting discussion.

Chantal thank you for the information and I am sorry your dog has that problem.My dogs are crazy  for Dentastix as well but there has not been any side effects but I will be checking very carefully from now on.I think there must be an additive that makes dogs react the way they do.

I know that ,some years ago,Whiskas was addictive to my cats.I am sure there was an additive because no other cat food made them that way.The formulae must have changed becaues they,now, don't like it.

I have tried Greenies and the dogs liked them but it made them vomit.





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