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Cash was neutered on Friday morning.  He came home just fine later in the day and seems totally fine and never even needed the pain meds they sent us home with.  He is dying to get out and play.  We noticed yesterday morning, so the next day, that he had a few scab like things on his neck.  I didn't think that much but made note of it thinking maybe it was from the surgery because he did have a chip put in as well.  This morning while petting him I felt more of them under his neck and then layed him down to inspect him fully.  He had little scabs all over around the inside lower legs and groin area.  I immediately took him right over to the vet.  Our's is open for a few hours on Sunday.  I just got back and he is on antibiotics for two weeks but a recheck in a week.  If he is getting more and not responding in three days then we return sooner.  They wanted to culture him but it was expensive and I just couldn't swing it this week with all the other costs I have incurred.  So I am upset.  She found some with pus around the groin.  I asked them did he catch something here, he did spend the day in your crate.  He was fine when I brought him in to you.  The vet did admit that she would have seen this on him during surgery because of the location.  And did say no it wasn't present when she operated on him.  But insists that he couldn't have caught it there since he was in a sterile crate etc.  I am not convinced of that but regardless I can only treat him and hope for a speedy recovery.  It just makes me mad that I gave them a healthy dog and something caused this.  I am haunted because my Brittany Jax five years ago was the picture of health but did have a small cyst for many years on his hip.  At age 7 it finally grew larger and we had them remove it.  Within a day of coming home he lost all his fur and got scabs all over his body and was very very very sick.  His musuc membranes were all effected and was literally losing all the nose, anal, and foot pad tissue.  Four vets later no one had a clue, no biospy showed a thing.  A specialist finally diagnosed him literally within hours of me letting him go.  Zinc responsive dermatitis.  A heriditary skin disease that is found in snow breeds!   Probably due to a reaction to somthing in the surgery.  You can see why I am not pleased to have Cash suddenly get a skin infectioin with 24 hours of the surgery.  Anyway maybe I should find a way to pay for the culture just to target the right problem, but they felt this antibiotic should cover staph or strep so to wait a week.  I think they won't admit he got it there because they should be paying for the cultures!  

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I have just laughed so much at this that Rio is jumping all over me wondering what's going on ;o !!
Good news the vets office called and they will reverse the medication charges and will pay for the cultures if he isn't improving in the next few days. They need to culture the fluid from one and right now none are fluid filled anymore. They hope it will get better without having to do more. Thanks everyone.
Yes they said, since your such a good client, we will incur the costs associated with this. That is not admitting they caused it, but will pay. My husband wondered if the sudden turnabout could be another dog came down with something as well? Never know.
Take the offer and run! Doest matter what made them stump up. They recognised that it was good policy to pay!
Hope you find out what is going on with Cash. Sounds like a fungal infection I hope what every it is clears up soon
If its fungal then the wrong drugs are being used. He is on something for staph or strep. Time will tell. Since he is no worse, I am thinking it is bacterial. He is running around like a maniac again, had no clue he is suppose to be recovering from surgery. And it's flooding rain yet again which means no walks again since he can't get wet down there yet. Sigh.............. we have had so much rain already this spring season it's getting old already. But my grass looks good.
update ....
Cash is no worse. Seems to have nothing really new just the same scabs. So that hopefully means the meds are working. I notice they are mainly on his lower legs....like right down near the ankles almost. Lots of them there. Being that the vet said they spread his legs and secure them, it sure seems like where they touched him. And again the same few on his upper chest near the neck where againi it seems like they would have touched him. Wonder if someone had contaminated gloves on, I don't think a latex allergy would have just been there. I never asked if they even use latex gloves, most places use non latex now don't they due to allergic reactions?




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