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Bess was impossible to feed for the first few months I had her. I tried dry food (fish4dogs, Applaws etc) but she'd only pick at them, and looked very skinny although the vet wasnt worried, and she's always looked in good condition.

About six weeks ago I put her onto raw food and at last I have a pup who eats. She's put on 2.5 kilos since changing her diet.

She now weighs 18.5 kilos, and I'd like to know whether that's about right for her age or not? I'm not sure when to expect her to reach her adult weight.

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Hi Trish,

that sounds about the right weight for an Irish. I am pretty sure my 6 month old weighs that much. They are a fussy breed when it comes to food. I find I have to lock my 6 month old and her Dad in together as they are both fussy and slow and the others tend to steal their food!

Hi Trish, from the photo's you've posted of Bess, she looks a very good weight. In fact she looks to have a better covering on her ribs than many do at her age. So keep on doing what you're doing, she looks fine.


Irish Setters are a very slow maturing breed they're not done developing till around 3 years old.


Dawn R.




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