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Does anybody know if I need a ticket for my dog as well as me when travelling on a train? He needs his own ticket on the bus but I can't remember if he does when travelling on the train. I thought it would be quicker asking here than waiting in the awful queue for the automated helpline for train travel.

Thanks in advance :-).

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You can certainly take them for free on London Midland train services, had a quick look online and you may find this helpful:


I took Finlay on train once it was London midland didn't need a ticket, ticket collector spent journey giving him a fuss, I've never had to buy a bus ticket for him either maybe some bus company's have different rules (",)

You're lucky...I'm charged 95p (per trip), with our local bus company.  I wouldn't mind so much but he sits on the floor!

Took our 2 girls on the bus in Dunster, Somerset and when I asked the bus driver was it ok and how much for the dogs she said no charge and they are more than welcome as they are probably better behaved than some of her passengers!!!

Lesley, I'm charged £1 per trip for Harley. I agree with you, it's a horrendous cheek when he sits on the floor and prams take up more space yet are free to travel! 

I've had it confirmed that he is fine to travel on the train so that's good news :-).

i think trains in uk are ok, unless they are special trains for airport/etc (as from london the gatwick/stansted express)

however, traveling in europe by train/bus is a no-no.. eurostar doesnt take dogs , neither the bus nights to paris/amsterdam and the like... but in the uk it seems ok to me!


It depends on the country, silvia - in Switzerland dogs are allowed everywhere (train, bus, boat, cable car - restaurants, shopping malls), but have to pay half price (on train and bus), that is expensive (!) or get a dog ticket (on cable car). In Italy dogs can't go on a train but sometimes on a bus with a ticket and on a boat with a muzzle - I used the halti on the Venetian Vaporetto and some other boat, trusting the fact that most people can't tell the difference. Germany I think is quite fine as well but Norway is a real no-no for dogs! 

sorry, my awful habit of typing too fast.. I was meant to write "travel to europe from the uk (via bus/train) is a no-no..".. Yes, once we are in europe (via car/ferry/tunnel) then it depends on the country, and most countries are friendly..

Yup, despite what is written in their rules , Venice boats are ok (as long as you have a muzzle in your bag in case somebody complaints- it never happens but you can show it ;)

i didnt know about Norway- sigh. Btw: why no trains in Italy? The link below is in italian i am afraid, but in most trains 1 dog per person with lead and muzzle is allowed. As far as I know -from friends-  the problem in Italy is that trains dont stop often anymore during long-journeys (thanks to the new high-speed lines :() so for instance if you take an overnight train there is no much opportunities to get down few minutes for a wee, etc.. On the other hand, the trip is shorter ;)


Oh thanks for the link, Silvia!! I made a bookmark. I once read about no dogs in Italy in the newspaper - maybe it was only a discussion about it - but your link solves a big problem: The option of hiking through the Dolomites and taking the train back is open again... Grazie mille!!

I take my dogs on holiday with me twice a year and have done for twelve years,My wife and I and the dogs travel on East Midland Trains,Cross Country and First Great Western trains.We have used Virgin and we have never had any problem .We have travelled with as many as three setters.There is no charge and the dogs stay with you in the carriage.We usually travel at weekends and uprate ,at a small fee,to First Class where there is more leg room for us and the dogs!



I hope you enjoy your jorney.




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