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This might have been discussed - or even attempted - before.  But I wondered if anyone ever uses the chat room on this site?


Maybe we could have a weekly discussion topic where everyone is free to join in at a predetermined time to chat about aspects of the breed (or just general topics)?


What do people think?  Has it been attempted?  Would anyone like to try it?


I was just thinking that, given the direction some topics have taken here recently, perhaps the chance to chat in real time, to real people (okay, so we're all real, but you know what I mean), rather than post static comments might keep things more civil and also be more interesting.  Not much fun comes from opening what looks like a good topic, only to read a 20 page argument...even if the topic IS a good one!!


Perhaps if we tried it, we could set ground rules and have a chat moderator or something who keeps us all playing nice?



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Thanks Ruth,it worked but the room must have been empty as no one responded to me either.Must try later.




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