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Bridie was being chased by 2 big dogs and i saw that she flipped over.

She was yelping like mad and continued to walk on 3 legs.

After ringing the vet to see what to do, I kept her really quiet for 24hrs as it could be a strain.

24hrs later, no change, and took her into the emergency vet and was told most likely torn ligament on her knee.

Was given anti inflammations tablets and told to come back 3 days later when the swelling goes down for Xrays

She is 8 months today.

What do you think? and any of you experienced torn ligaments?

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I have no experience of Irish Setters with torn cruciate ligaments, but I have an American Cocker Spaniel who partially tore a cruciate several years ago.


My Vet wanted to operate, but after alot of reasearch I found that with or without surgery, recovery is very long and slow. My dog Levi was kept on cage rest for 3 months.He literally came out for the toilet and nothing else, it was very hard going. The following 3 months were spent very gradually building up his activity. We did eventually get him back to normal and he's now a very fit 13 1/2 years old, but those 6 months in recovery were very hard on him. I was very lucky to be able to avoid an operation, most dogs need the surgery, and it isn't cheap.


The very best of luck, get well soon Bridie. xx  (My first Irish was called Bridie, back in 1973)


Dawn R.

Sorry to hear of Bridie's problem, Mario. There was a discussion started by Dave on this site.

You can find it here:


I hope it is not as bad as you fear & wish you the best of luck!

thanks for your comments


Poor Bridie, that would be really painful for her. I have no experience of torn ligaments but I wish her well .




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