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Does anyone have tips on how to transition a setter from kibble to raw? I've read many contradictory methods. Some say to mix, others saw not to mix because kibble and raw food is digested differently and can cause GI distress.

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I say don't mix in the same meal. I changed over 2 two weeks starting with one meal a day, but I only changed over 18 months ago, and I am not the most knowledgeable on this subject. There is a group on this site "Raw feeding" I found this group very helpful, good luck a decision I am sure you will never regret.

So we decided to give our Pup raw food, the brand is Stella and Chewy's, and it's big hamburger patties. Unfortunately, we fed it and our dog threw up. He has yet to eat any without throwing up. We give him a little of his kibble and he can handle that, but we really think it will benefit him to be on this new diet. Any tips? Could the food have gone bad? There was a lot of freezer burn on it.

Hi Bailey, am sorry that the raw food is proving difficult...did you have a look at the raw feeding site in here as suggested? Am not sure what is in Stella and Chewy's as obviously a different country!! mine have had raw for several years now and yes I do still give them home cooked stuff too but never together as I have heard, like you that the digestive time is different and can cause problems. Mine have  something called Natural Instinct which comes in ice cream size tubs  all ready to after defrosting.....it is just everything minced and contains fruit and veggies too...my older two love it and I do add lambs hearts raw and chopped up and lambs kidneys chopped just as a treat really. As I say the older two love it but the baby wont touch it and yet he was weaned on it!! have a close look at the ingredients, I also wonder how much you are feeding? I know with the NI you don't need that much each meal......maybe try something different in a small amount to see if that is tolerated? Tripe is always good, dogs love it and it is easily digested, chicken wings? Mine go crazy for them.....not an expert..only in feeding my own...with the baby I have to keep trying different things all the time!! Hope that is some help...there is a great deal of info out there about feeding RAW now so don't give up...good luck!!

Is that freeze dried?  Best start with some fresh raw meat and bone if you can. Try not to overfeed. A lot of people actually give their dogs too much, because you are used to seeing a lot more bulk in the dogs diet therefore end up giving more raw meat than necessary.

That is me fran, I made that mistake and overfeed mine because they really took to it and enjoyed their meals so much more. It is taking a long time to get that excess of them, so yes watch how much you feed him, good luck <:0)

When Riley came home at 8wks I took it slow changing him over one meal raw and one meal with what I was given from his breeder...but he always seemed to have problems going to the loo and when he did go it was very loose and thought enough is enough and from that day to this he has not had dry food and he has no problems what so ever....With Cassie and Bracken I put them straight on to raw from day 1 with no problems at all ..

Just wondering of anyone on Oz.feeds Vets All natural if so are they happy with it.
I feed kibble but raw in the morning as in chickings necks also he has bones, lamb shanks.
Interesting topic. Hope your Setter settles down on the new diet Baily.
Like you Jennie, I have three on raw and one I'm still persevering with to get over the line!!....mind you I keep tying because she is so excited by what's in the other ones bowls. Rosie, is the Vets All Natural the one that's dry (but like a sort of muesli mix) and you add water? I have a friend with a dog that has tried everything.....and I mean everything!!! I'm sure that was the name, so I will ask how it was for you. I agree interesting topic :o) I'd be keen to hear what others add to there raw meals or how about a photo showing a typical raw meal for one of yours. The one thing mine all love is fresh chicken feet, full of natural chondroitin and glucosomine and are high bone content. I too hope Bailey you can get your Irish sorted with he's diet. Take care.
Hi Dianne, yes that's the one like Muesli, was talking to my vet today she said stay as I am as Memphis is in great condition. So I guess I'm half and half. Hoping Bailey is on the way to being sorted. The Vet who produces the Vets all Natual does say it's ok to feed 50/50 so raw bones, chicken necks/ wings and kibble not together is ok.

I happened to notice this comment as I was logging out. Bruce Syme, Vets All Natural, recommended a probiotic for Hobson when I asked a question about his "muesli". I had made him aware that Hobson had serious skin problems. Hobson suffered an extreme adverse reaction to this probiotic. He shed every skin cell on his body, lost the majority of his coat as well as kilos in weight. I have already commented about this. I trusted this vet because he is supposed to be an "expert" on skin problems. Understandably I would never recommend Vets All Natural to anyone.

That's interesting to know. I'm staying with the diet he's on. I had a big chat to my vet as I said and she's more than happy with him.
I so hope all your problems resolve quickly.
Exactly Rosie, if what your doing is maintaining good health and condition why change :o)




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