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Hi folks,

Elsa now nearly 4 months ( tomorrow ) she has been car sick from the day we collected her, when I say sick I mean SICK. We live 12 minutes from the vets every time I have taken her we both arrive very smelly. I dont feed her before we travel ( as she is on 4 meals a day it is hard to find a time when she is empty }. Last Sunday I wanted to go to the Suffork show, only about 40 minutes away, took her meal with us to give her when we arrived, 5 minutes down the road we were all covered, that is 1 crate, 3 dogs, back windows, seats, my head and a little on the roof. We turned around and came home, spent the day cleaning dogs and car, relaxing Sunday <:0) any ideas ?

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Hi, I had a bitch called Shula but she was the worst car traveller, she was so bad the vets renamed her Droola!!  Try a covered crate, because it stops the flashing which I was told triggered the sickness.  I used to leave the tailgate of the car open and would go and sit on the bumper with a coffee and Shula in the car in the crate with a chew bone or biscuit, only for a few minutes whilst I finished.

Gradually I would progress to the front seat whilst she was in the crate and then I would turn on the engine.  I would do this for two or three times and finally I would reverse the car out and back in, several times.  Shula would be a bit concerned initially but as time lapsed she calmed down.  Eventually, after a romp and she was sleepy, I would pop her into the car where she quickly fell asleep and I also fed her there too.  Sometimes one of the older dogs wanted to join her and that was really good so that when she woke up everything was normal. 

Needless to say that I didn't allow Shula to reach the sicky stage, she would drool but as I went from stage to stage that would lessen.  When she became more settled I would also take her out in the car in the dark because I found it settled her and it became longer and longer before she started to drool and then sick.   All of my dogs travel with me constantly so I needed to make her trips in the car as good as possible.




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