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Updated: Adverse reactions to worming with Drontal Plus

Has anyone else had this problem?, -  Wormed Rio yesterday afternoon with Drontral, he has had it before without any ill effects,  he was OK for an hour, then started to be sick and it continued with retching and salivating for over 2 hours, he also had diarrhoea.
 I certainly do not want to repeat the experience, - after all I had given him the tablets!, it was very distressing for both of us.
Recommendations please.

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Thank you all for your support and information.

I have just reported what happened to Defra ,thanks for the link Rosie, and I will wait and see what they say.I shall also have a word with my vet tomorrow.

When I was at the vet's Ellie had her Atopica dispensed and I  checked the bill  later as it seemed a bit high.I was charged (before VAT) £38.45 for the wormers for three dogs.I have checked with a reputable supplier of animal medicines and they would sell me the same wormers,as a member of the public,for £19.07. I will be telling my vet I am not happy!


I agree with you Sue.

I buy everthing for my dogs online it's far cheaper than the Vet's or local pet stores.

My Vet now matches the online price for meds - but only since I told him I could buy them cheaper! also sometimes you need a prescription for meds on line and many vets will charge you for a it.

I believe they have to provide a prescription if asked and no charge should be made.I got this information form the RCVS.

I informed the surgery what happened but was unable to speak to my vet.I asked them to pass the message to him.

Thank's for letting me know there should not be a prescription charge, not wanting to name any names - possibly some Vets just like to 'try it on!'.

Also our clinic charges for the prescription: still, I found cheaper to go this way (i.e. buy the presctiption and buy anti-flee, etc on line). Thanks for letting us know that they shoudnt be... surprising..

Howard, do you have a link where we can see this info, or it was just a private conversation with RCVS? I though the `free prescription rule` came to an end around 2008, and now RCVS is only monitoring to ensure  "fair and reasonable " charges.. i.e. they need to be notified if charges are eccessive.. but I may be wrong!!


I wonder what the RCVS considers 'fair and reasonable charges'? My vet surgery charges £9.62 for a prescription and an additional £2.72 dispensing charge for each meds bought directly from them... They take it from the living. Also they don't deal with insurance claims.  :(((

Re. Drontal

Errol hasn't had any problems so far. I always give meds with a full meal. He's due his wormer so will report back if any side effects. Have used Milbamax for the cat who has renal disfunction and is very delicate but seems to do OK on it. 

Silvia,you are right and I am wrong.I had a conversation with  the RCVs and it was in 2007 ! Sorry for the miss information.

My vet charges for insurance claim forms which I find very annoying.I feel the charge should be covered by the consultation fee.But he has written to my cat's Insurance company to get an exclusion removed and he didn't charge for that.

The exclusion was stupid,as a kitten she was bitten by a dog(not one of mine),which I told them about but didn't claim as it was below my excess and they then excluded any form of dog bite!


That would have been funny Sue but you might have been banned for life!
Hi, yes I did have a problem with Drontal, my two other dogs are fine with it but my younger setter was very very sick (22 times) following Drontal.  We now use Milbemax (prescription only) which is fine & my vet recommends over Drontal.
No serious problems with Drontal on Romeo, however he develops a serious case of the 'munchies' in the following days after treatment! It must make him feel really hungry.




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