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My puppy is now 8 mos old and quite a handful ... always in motion.  I'm wondering if he's too thin?  He's 53 lbs. and has had some digestive issues lately -- gurgling tummy early a.m. I've changed food a few times and have him on Forza 10 Intestinal Active now for 3 days and probiotic miracle plus some pumpkin.  Hopefully this will resolve. He's always hungry. I've taken away the bully sticks which he is not happy about, but he was swalling huge chunks and got some blood in his poop!  Not to mention his iraids on the cat box when I'm not extra vigillant.   His PH goes up and down, too, during the day.  Maybe I'm just being an overly obsessive mopm, but I seem to be calling my vet constantly. 


Hope we both make it through adolescence ... 

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Hi Joanna

Your boy, Dylan is beautiful.

I own English Setters and not Irish Setters. I have always found my boys to be a little on the thin side when growing up. Boys tend to take longer to physically mature than girls. It is my opinion that "natural" food is preferable but in saying this the quality of the "natural" food is vitally important. I feed my English Setters certified organic raw food. This is the link to the Organic Paws website in case you are interested - http://www.organicpaws.com.au I live in Australia. There may be a similar product you could try in the USA. 

I do not believe in powdered probiotics. I do not believe in changing the "natural order" of the body. I provide probiotics in the form of Organic Green Tripe to my English Setters. This is also a product of Organic Paws. I have recently introduced their new product Powerhouse Organ Blend with Turkey (all ingredients are certified organic) and my English Setters, Hobson and Misty love this. I do not give this Organ Blend daily and I only feed 1 piece of Organic Tripe daily.

Natural protein foods which are good for puppies and dogs are yoghurt, cottage cheese and eggs. Again, the quality of these ingredients are important.

There is an excellent vet in the USA whose name is Dr Jean Dodds. This is a link to her Pet Health Resource Blog http://drjeandoddspethealthresource.tumblr.com  I contacted Dr Jean to analyse a blood test result for me for my English Setter, Hobson last year. She was very helpful.

Another excellent vet who lives in the USA is Dr Richard Pitcairn. He is now in his 70's. I purchased his book Natural Health for Dogs & Cats a long time ago. This is a link to his website http://www.drpitcairn.com

I am certain you and Dylan will make it through. It is wonderful that you care so much about him. 

Best Wishes from Susan and her English Setters and the rest of our gang.


Thank you for all the wonderful information.  I have wrestled with the idea of feeding raw with all my Irish over the years and never made the leap.  Maybe it's time to change that.  The Forza 10 test is in day 5 right now.  Stool improved, but then I went and added quinoa because I was afarid he wasn't eating enough and got soft poop again.  So, starting again today from square one.  No addatives, just increased amounts of Forza10 to keep him satisfiied. I have heard of Dr. Dodd and I'm going to check out her site. I've also heard others who've fed green tripe, and I will definitely look into that, too. Youprobably have access to more really fresh wholesome foods in Australia which we don't here in the US-- everything is farmed out, which is why I went w/ the Forza10.   I am reserving any further comments until Dylan has done the 10 day test w/ just Forza 10 and no supplements -- a hard thing for me to do-- I keep wanting to feed him more.  But you're right, setters do tend to be long and lean for awhile. I've only had one that was over weight and that's because he was neutered, in my opinion. Which brings me to my second puppy problem -- my boy has undecended testicles.  I put him on Jing Tang's testicle formula under the direction of my vet in Pennsylvania when he was 12 weeks old and in a month they were palpable, though not in the scrotal sacs.  My holistic vet here in Florida told me to discontinue it two months ago, and since then, they can't feel the testicles!!!!  Very frustrating.  My PA vet wants him back on the formula -- she has done two successful testicle tacks in testicle formula puppies recently, and I'm hoping at least one of my boy's will come down so that when we go back to PA in June, she can do a tack.  Don't believe in neutering for health reasons. 


Oh well ... it's always something, right?  Thanks again for all the information.  Your fur babies sound beautiful.  The one on the photo is absolutely awesome!

Best,  Joanna and Dylan

Hi Joanna and Dylan

Unfortunately Australia does not learn from the mistakes of the USA. We have the same problems with over-farming and the livestock are forced to live in appalling conditions. This is why I will only purchase certified organic meat and bones for my English Setters because at least then I have some chance of feeding them “clean” food. If the food source is not “clean”, feeding raw is just as bad as kibble.

It is a big help that you have a good “holistic” vet who is working with you to help Dylan. They do not exist in Australia. The vet industry in Australia has major endemic problems and the “holistic” vets are some of the worst. Fortunately the vets at the University hospital where I take Hobson and Misty are very good. They do not believe in natural food and treatments but do not bully me to change because they have seen the results. I wish I had a vet like Dr Richard Pitcairn to help me and work with the University vets.

I am certain you will be able to resolve all of Dylan's health problems. Please keep us informed. 

Best Wishes from Susan, Hobson, Misty and the rest of our gang.

Thanks, Susan. Dylan is doing much better. I checked Dr. Dodd's website and also the book by Dr. Pitcairn, which I will order.

Depressing abut the over-farming in Australia -- over here we always thnk yof you as living in "Eden."


All the best,


Joanna and Dylan




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