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Dear setterfans, someone told me that this was a thread in another forum and I thought this would be a nice one for Exclusively Setters as well.
What are the moments with your setters you love the most? What is special about your setter? What makes you laugh?
(I think after we already had the "setter-in-bed"-thread this one` s not too private, is it?

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Hi Christine,

Nice question! Well, I love Gina most for her way of outsmarting me.
When we do training and I am not clear enough, she gets confused. I see her eyes fixed on me, next moment she rolls over, looks at me as if to say, "well, I don't know what this was about, but that trick always works..." It does. It makes me laugh every time.

Or this one: We drive into the garage, and she knows, that means jumping out of the car and sit and stay to wait for me by the door to the backyard. Well, little Madam stays in the car until I open the backdoor of the garage....this way she does not need to sit and stay. She just walks through the door behind me.

Another one: When I put her harness on, I let her sit, give me her paw to slip the leg through the harness, and then stand (get up). Now, little mandam found out that standing is actually much better than having to sit first. Yes, I admit: we changed our little going out ritual, because Gina's way to do it makes more sense.

Sometimes I wonder who is the most practical brain in the family...
So many things....
His ability to attract attention where ever we go.
The way he speaks in so many different ways, that I understand him more often than not.
His beauty.
His sweetness.
His intensity.
His resiliance even though he has been going through a tough time with his illness.
What makes my dog special is how he appreciates little things. For example, baby carrots. It makes me laugh that such a simple treat makes him sooo excited. I will bite off half of one carrot and give him the rest. You would think he just won the lottery. That is one happy dog with his carrots.
With Fionn, his sweet nature and his gentleness with all things smaller than him. Watching him with my nearly 3 month old daughter, or with any baby puppy, just warms my heart. He will lie down on his side on the ground to play more gently with a baby puppy - and with Niamh, he will come get me if I haven't heard her crying, or just lie quietly, watching her play.

With Maia, her cheeky confidence and her absolute loyalty to me. She makes me laugh every day, and I have never had another dog who gazes so lovingly into my eyes the way she does.
We have had some adventures over the years! In the early days, I remember she bolted off with the 'cross country runners' from Lancing College, leaving me standing high on the downs in my stilletos (early days of setter ownership you understand). Was kindly returned by nice lady in sensible dog walking gear and 2 gundogs in tow. Apart from all that, and ten years later, here is what is special about my gal.

Companion by day, pillow by night,
Wonderful friend I hold so tight.
All forgiving, Never asking,
Always loving, Never passing......
On a chance to steal 'the' chair,
To sleep, To dream, To be still there.
Or sit upon my lap and rest
Her auburn beauty 'pon my breast.
Oh Bonnie-Love
Be always mine,
My special sweetie, RED DIVINE.
this is a lovely poem denise and every word is so true of our beloved redheads
I love my dog because of:
- when I work at my desk, he brings toy, rests head on my right arm and when I don't respond he throws the toy over my arm on the desk, then he goes for another toy, when my work is finished, there are four-five toys on the desk among my papers :) and next few toys are on the floor near my chair,
- everyday (specially at evenings) he sucks his blanket as a little puppy sucks mother, he does it since the first day at me (as 8 weeks puppy),
- he follows me everytime and everywhere, he enters bathroom when I take a shower, he sunbathes with me even though he hates sun, etc.
- when he see camera, he starts posing,
- he always knows when we talk about him and even knows is it a positive or negativ and he is happy or very sad and apologetic,
- he is so sweet when he is afraid of puppies and runs away of them...
...and many many things that I can't decsribe because my english is so bad ;)
there are too many things to love... I love the long walks, the hours of fun, how easy and hard it is to train them... Well they are Setters :)
But personaly I looove the way Pitanga places her head when I'm talking to her... And my joy is to find that little Romã already does the same thing :)
Well, I suppose above all else it's those lovely eyes! Everything is forgiven and forgotten when you look into them! The unconditional love etc. etc.!




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