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Hello everyone and everydog! 


Just an update from NY - Willow is now 8 months old and I can honestly say, she did not grow today! LOL!  Well, maybe some of her coat grew in, but I've never in my life witnessed a dog grow big (mind you, I said "grow big" not "grow up") as she has!  I measured her weight on the Wii the other day and she was 68 pounds!  Yes, we've figured out the whole food thing!  She is still fussy but she's no longer skinny :) and for that I am happy. 


Our relationship still has its "moments", but I've learned to accept and love her for the dog she is - this was a HUGE step for me!  She's not that great with fetch/retrieve and have come to the conclusion that she'll never have to be good at that.  She knows a full bag of tricks and I think with the rain we're suppose to get,this weekend will be a good one to learn another trick or two, and some more obedience as well.


Here's a link to our trainer's website - scroll all the way down to the bottom to read about us!




And also check out the Paws E-Bytes too for pictures from class.


Now, if she'd only stay off the top of the sofa like a perched cat! ha ha ha :)

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That is wonderful to hear! 
Hi there!  Glad to hear things are going well.  I checked out Willow's latest pictures and she is indeed growing!!  She's lovely ... hope your "moments" are few as she looks just delightful.




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