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I am new to the site and have just found this group. I have a three year old setter who is absolutely barking mad. We joined agility in November and he tackles most of the course apart from the bridge and see saw.


Has any one got any suggestion? In class we have lowered the bridge, given him lots of rewards but so far he puts two feet on and that is all. He is happy on the A frame and will go over that every time. I presume the bridge is a width problem and the see saw is movement issue. In your experience do you think he will change?


Any ideas greatly appreciated.


Thank you


Monica Auger

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You can try a wopple board. It is a piece of plywood with a framed box on one side and you put a ball under it and then using a treat you throw the treat on the board and slowly work getting him to put his front foot on it. The board will move when he puts any weight on it and he should learn that it is a fun game. Used it with Scout and once he understood it he would run and get on the board everytime he saw it out. Go slowly as for some dogs it can be scary. Once he understands you can get him to get his whole body on it and playing. Hope I explained it correctly
Hi Jo

Thank you for the suggestion. I will certainly have a go. It is a very good idea and very straightforward to do. Fingers crossed this might work.

Thanks again

I hope it works, I know I saw this suggested in one of the books I have I will see if I can find it and let you know the author and name of the book. It helps also to teach more awareness of where their feet are.
Sorry I dont know what a see saw is? I have had problems with the bridge. Food does miracles. ;) My bitch is scared if the bridge moves, so the progress is very slow. Patience, a lot of praise, food and one step after another. We well get there eventually.

Good luck!
Same as a Teeter Totter that we use to have so much fun with at the play grounds when we were young. I do not think they are used by some agility organizations.
Hi Monica - yay!! more setters doing agility in Yorkshire!!

Big dogs don't always know where their back legs are and it may be because of this that he is reluctant. Can you try getting him to walk along a plank on the floor? Lots of treats and praise. When he's happy with that put one end on a brick - first one brick an then two etc..

best of luck





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