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Been a while since I've been on here and wanted to post an update as our guys and gals are almost 6 months old and hope to hear from everybody else as well.  GiGi is such an awesome dog.  I must admit I think this age is tougher than the young puppy stuff because they are growing into their dog bodies but still have their puppy minds.  She is completely housebroke, no accidents in well over a month and is doing great with stacking.  Trying to decide whether to take her to a show the end of this month or wait until next month.  She has starting pulling on the leash especially when we go to the trails at the local park.  By the time we get to the end she is much better once she is worn out ;) but the beginning is just torture for the both of us.  But we are working on it and I know it will improve.  Has anybody used or recommend the Halti style head collars?  I didn't know how it would possibly effect showing etc.  But she is great with my kids.  Super fun and sweet and loving and I just don't know what we ever did without her!!

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We did take conformation classes with my other dog (before Amber). I can’t find any classes here for conformation. The place we went has only obedience and agility. Too bad. I must look harder. I know. Thanks for encouraging me. I love our group, even we don’t write here often. Also it’s cool to see that you and Kim are on-line in a same time
Hi Inna ~ I was just thinking that too about all of us being here updating at the exact times from such distances. I know you will find a conformation class for Amber and yourself. If the kids are still interested in showing you might want to look into 4-H groups in your area too, that is how I got into showing dogs when I was 12 - I participated for 4yrs and had so much fun. People that I met 20yrs ago are now coming back into my life again through showing Joss. Its amazing to me to see the same faces 15 years later - of course, I grew up and they were already grown so they don't always remember me haha. Apparently most of the things I learned as a kid is no longer so useful; I'm starting from scratch out there and boy am I clutzy!
I do hope my son would be interested in continuing shows. If not – I’ll do it myself. My daughter might learn it too. We’ll see. I was expecting a bit more from my son. But I think on his mind now mostly girls.




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