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At 3:42am on July 9, 2008, Ann Millington said…
Nice Pics Gerard ;o))
I didn't know Harry has been in Ireland for 6 months... Has he sired any more puppies there besides for Jim Sheridan's bitches?
Sorry, I am not able to have any more dogs and anyway, we have some very promising puppies here to choose from - for the field and the show!!
At 8:44am on August 1, 2008, Silvia Lindner-Rae said…
Hi Ann,
we are not sure yet. We may go to the Eurodog Show in Dublin and visit Ireland, but it is definitely a question of money.... I'd rather spend it on a holiday, as we can only afford one every other year. It is also a question if we go to Crufts next year although Sashi is already qualified.
At 9:14am on August 1, 2008, Ann Millington said…
Just to point out, Silvia - that value for money wise, at the Festival Weekend you will meet IRWS breeders from around the world and learn a lot about IRWS history, different aspects of the breed, important information on semen evaluation and AI, the Gene Pool (its scope and diversity) DNA testing and all that implies. You will socialise at the Grand Gala Dinner in the evening (many surprises here) and on the second day see upward of 100 IRWS competing under an Irish FCI judge plus the historic Parade of Champions. All in all a thorough immersion in the breed and its future. Then on the holiday front, you would be in the centre of England able to enjoy and experience something of the country in whatever direction you take.
Definitely worth saving up for - all the best people will be there!!!! ;o))))
At 5:18am on August 2, 2008, Silvia Lindner-Rae said…
I do know all this, and I do know the center of England - it is Ireland we want to see - and on the way there we are travelling with friends and taking some of their dogs - so we cannot go earlier - it is very complicated, although we would not want to miss the Festival either - it is just the timing is not really too good, but I pointed that out before. But there is still enough time to think this over.... as we say here: es ist noch nicht gegessen! How do you like our Celt? He was JB in his first show!
Silvia Delete Comment
At 6:01am on August 2, 2008, Ann Millington said…
Hi Silvia - I did post a comment on Celt on the other List, but it was blocked and did not appear. I said Celt looked OK, but at that age - not wonderful, as is only to be expected. You made your post sound as though you had Rescued him, - apparently not, it seems.

The pity is that there does not seem to be any 'competition' in Europe for IRWS they are frequently the only IRWS in their class - sometimes the only IRWS at the show. I know this is because there are not many of the breed out there - which is why the Festival is a golden opportunity to see more and learn more. It is a real shame that the Eurodog Show is in Dublin the very year of the Anniversary.... perhaps we should have calculated that 25 years ago when the largest IRWS Breed Club in the World was formed!! ;o))
If you really want to see Ireland, you should go on the Munster Circuit where UK IRWS go regularly to combine showing IRWS in Ireland and enjoying a holiday.
BTW, the Festival is 2 weeks after the Eurodog show, so maybe holiday in Ireland after the show and call in on the Festival on the way home?

Where have you been in the centre of England?
At 3:28am on August 19, 2008, Sandra Mather said…
hi there just on for a few moments im of the docs soon.had a couple of messages to send.
At 4:11am on July 8, 2009, Thomas&Merete-Kennel Alvertoppen said…
Hello Ann!

It was very nice to meet you in Uttoxeter during Festival 25, we had a great time there! We have written a litle report from the Festival and published on the Norwegian Irish Red and White Setter page, also with the resume from the talks so the rest of the IRWS community in Norway can read about it.
If you ever want to come to Norway just let me know so we can give you a guided tour in Bergen :)

All the best
At 1:08am on July 10, 2009, Thomas&Merete-Kennel Alvertoppen said…
Hello :)

I will try to make an english resumé this weekend and send it to you. When do you need it/ whats the deadline for the newsletter?
If you have a chance to say hello to Pauline from me please send my best wishes. And also to Judith(? I'm so bad with remembering names) she has a dog called Thomas.
We will post a smal report from our training camp in the end of July on our page here, and some pictures to so you can have a look at what we are focusing on here in Norway.

Best wishes
At 3:10am on October 8, 2009, Kristina said…
Hi, Ann.
You don't own an Irish at the moment, do you miss them? To bad I don't live anywhere closer to you, my Flora just loves people who cuddle her. In her mind people were made for cuddleing her.

All the best.
Kristina from Slovenia

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