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At 5:20pm on July 25, 2007, Carmel Murphy said…
Hi Anna,
Does the name Navan in your Kennel name come from the town in Ireland ?
At 2:21am on July 26, 2007, Alenka Pokorn said…
Hi Anna, welcome to this site. Hope you will enjoy it. Love, Alenka
At 3:47pm on July 28, 2007, Carmel Murphy said…
Do you have any special connection to Navan? I live 30km from Navan!
At 1:28pm on August 19, 2007, Dušan Rauški said…
Hello Anna
What a lovely dog you have.
Best wishes
At 3:15am on August 27, 2007, Dušan Rauški said…
No, no site yet. i have been lazy i'm afraid.
I am very impressed with Faza.

At 12:58pm on October 6, 2007, Marta Galuszka said…
Hi Ania!
It s great to know that you are here:-) Faza looks gorgeous like always:-)
Big kisses from me and my girls,
At 12:13pm on December 29, 2007, Ana Gaspar Kozelj said…
Hi Anna, Congratulations on latest succses, Faza iz gorgeous! Wish you all the best in new year!
At 3:45pm on February 11, 2008, Vojna Medvedec said…
HI Anna,fine to find you here.Haven't seen your male for quite a lot,is he ok?Faza is in a good condition still.Congrates Vojna
At 9:25am on June 21, 2008, Marta Galuszka said…
Dzięki Ania!
Ja bym chciała żeby miały taką właścicielke:)
At 2:03am on December 22, 2008, Dušan Rauški said…
Hello Anna
Wish you and your family Merry Christmass and a happy and successful 2009!
At 9:44am on January 20, 2009, Dee Rance said…
Hi love your pictures, and I clicked onto the picture that you referred to I can see what you mean, (if they have to kill these beautiful animals please don't be so proud of their death,) and our IRS are bird dogs not killers
Dee and the girls
At 10:34am on February 5, 2009, Dee Rance said…
Which one is it that looks like your Faza in the eyes, is it my old girl Jas she is the sweetest thing that you could ever meet. As for Saffy my other girl she is just mad and it shows in her eyes too
Speak soon Keep in touch Dee and the girls
At 10:38am on February 5, 2009, Rhona, Bruce n Lil Lucy Skene x said…
You have a lovely setter there
Bet she does you proud
She has such a lovely coat very red
Your photos are stunning too.
Write back soon
Rhona, Bruce and Lucy xx
At 11:13am on February 5, 2009, Rhona, Bruce n Lil Lucy Skene x said…
thank you for your kind comment
Yes red and white setters are rare here too but i am not sure whereabouts you are
8 years old is a good age for a setter but it matters sometimes
I have a setter who has just turned 5 and he got a big juicy bone for his birthday
The little one was a little jelous so we got her a little bone :):)
but the little one has just turned 6months old so thats good
sorry to hear about your loss and i wish you good luck for the near future
Love Bruce Lucy and Me xx
At 1:28pm on February 5, 2009, Dee Rance said…
No That one is Jas, (IR SH CH Caspians Modisty JW) she is the one on my main picture, only the picture that you are talking about was taken some 4 years ago, when she was nearly 4. Saffy is the one that is in the back of the car, ''behind bars'' she is the one with the long ears....Faza looks very much like Jas,
That is very clever doing that 'thing' with the photo.
Dee and the girls
At 1:36pm on February 5, 2009, Dee Rance said…
I have just been on your site and noticed that you lost your lovely girl last year, I think that it is so kind of you likening your poor lady to my beautiful girl, thank you for that I am touched. and I am also in tears, thank you again
Dee and the girls
At 3:01am on February 6, 2009, Dee Rance said…
Ah yes easy when you know what you are doing, I on the other hand DO NOT KNOW what I am doing, it took me ages to get my main picture up, and Nicole had to help me (at my home) to put the rest of the pictures on the site, in fact I think that I have forgotten how to do it now, Think I must be going senile, short term memory not quite what it used to be, but, neither is my long term memory, so perhaps not senile just stupid!!!!
Speak soon, and no it was very nice to have you compare Jas with your girl Faza, how old was she???
Dee and the girls
At 11:14am on February 6, 2009, Dee Rance said…
Oh dear, how dreadful for you, my Jas is just coming up to 8 in a few weeks time, I have had her injected to stop her seasons, but I know that she is OK with anaesthesia because she has had many ops over the years for one thing or another, I can only imagine how you must feel, but you can't blame yourself, these dreadful things can just come out of the blue..you did it to help her.
I am wanting to have a 'boy' next then I won't be tempted to breed from him, don't mind if he has babies but will not want to keep many of them, well that's the theory anyway...
Dee and the girls
At 12:36pm on September 1, 2009, Marta Galuszka said…
Dzięki za komentarz Ania:)
Buziaki ode mnie i dziewczynek, a i od maluchów oczywiście:)
At 9:31am on November 20, 2009, Caroline said…
Cześć Aniu!
Gratulujemy nowego rudzieca. Życzymy wam wiele szczęścia na ringach i na codzień

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