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At 10:10am on May 17, 2008, Laura Kolbach said…
hello, welcome to the site. there is also one for gordons, you might to want to join there as well: http://gordonsetter.ning.com/
have fun, laura and the girls
At 10:32am on May 17, 2008, Ossian said…
The greoup shot is called Macadamia Nuts and if you've seen Best in Show you will know why!!!
At 11:23am on May 17, 2008, Nicole Wilson said…
Hi Ossian,
welcome to the forum and enjoy. Looking forward to seeing more photographs of your Gordons :-)
Best regards,
At 1:19pm on May 18, 2008, Dee Rance said…
Hi there Welcome to the site, hope you will enjoy it, Dee and the girls
At 3:19am on May 19, 2008, Dee Rance said…
I was at the Scottish Kennel Club, its just a shame that you know what is going to happen before the day, we all knew who was going to get the tickets, but my young girl got 4th in Post Graduate my older girl got 2nd in Open (out of 2) so not very good, a bit of a thump to earth after last weekend!!! Making up my old girl to Irish Show Champion, still that is showing for you, the party was good at my bench!!!! Where were you showing???? Dee and the girls
At 4:13am on May 19, 2008, Dee Rance said…
Groans!!!!I think that was the understatement, I think that there were more chins hitting the ground Its always difficult when you know what is going to happen at least a week before the show, still as you say it keeps your feet on the ground, you should have come to my bench, there was nibbles and drinks in celebration of Jas getting here Irish title, Perhaps I will see you at Border Union??? Dee and the girls
At 4:33am on May 19, 2008, Dee Rance said…
I remember last year very well I got the ticket!!!!!!!! and yes it was horrendous. We were undercover and up to our knees in mud,
Which stand are you helping on??? I will be absolutely kn***rd by then, will be in Belfast the day before. Its a 'local' show for me. I do know that the judge likes my girl, but she like me, (the dog) isn't getting any younger, but as I have said before, she is wearing better than me. Maybe see you there. Dee and the girls
At 5:00am on May 19, 2008, Ossian said…
He He - well you would remember. It was a bit squishy and to be honest it was better being outside than under cnavas! the rings were teeny in there!

I will know to look for you at the "SAGA" stand then
At 7:25am on May 21, 2008, Nicole Wilson said…
I have to admit that it's very tricky taking photographs of setters - most of my pictures are usually just blurred because the "object" obviously moved far too fast! ;-)
At 2:08pm on May 22, 2008, Gadhelic said…
Thanks for the welcome
At 10:17pm on May 24, 2008, Myra Thomas-Rhodes said…
Hello, from Down Under, Ossian.
Fully understand why you have called the photo, "Macadamia Nuts!" What a Hoot the film was! Need to see it a few times to pick up on the one-liners that are missed from laughing so much. Sad thing is that many dog people are actually like those characters. My husband and I are told we are like the Weimaraner couple, because we are arguing until we get to the show!!!Needless to say we decided to buy a replica of "the bee" just to remind ourselves!
At 7:29am on May 25, 2008, Myra Thomas-Rhodes said…
Of course Christopher and "Cookie's" husband, wrote "Best in Show." What a tremendous job they did!
Cookie was a scream....just soooo well known!!
Roll on the "Oscars," is all I can say.
At 5:43am on June 9, 2009, Nicole Wilson said…
Hi Evie,
Nice to have you back :-) Yes, I work my older boy (the younger one is still only a baby) down in the Borders with Peter O'Driscoll. We've also been to Bob Truman's and I'm planning to go to one of the kennel club weekends next time if I can manage. Not quite ready for field trials yet but hopefully sometime soon! Do you work your Gordons?
At 8:30am on June 9, 2009, Carmel Murphy said…
Hi Evie!!!
Good to see you here too!!! We actually met before the circuit!!! And not even in the toilet!!;o))It was ring side the day Rua won her first green star at Swords in 2003;o) Well done to you and Fergal!!!!!
At 2:25pm on June 9, 2009, Dee Rance said…
Hi there Evie
I was down in the south of England visiting my dad. I was disappointed that I couldn't be there, but I only had a few days off from looking after my grandchildren. So had to do my duty.
As for the working training, no I haven't done anything since the first time, don't know if you know it or not but I so nearly lost Saffy just after that, literally the same day, she got a pain in her stomach, it is a long story, but she ended up being operated on (£900) so haven't had the nerve to do it since. Although I would love to...Are you going to Border Union this year????
All the best Dee and the girls
At 5:11am on June 12, 2009, Nicole Wilson said…
Hi Evie,
I'm sorry to hear about your eleven year old but hopefully his/her quality of life is still reasonably good. The working day sounds great, where would it be held?
At 1:42pm on June 19, 2009, Dee Rance said…
Hi there Evie
Sorry I didn't answer sooner, Hope to see you tomorrow, It would be a little difficult to take Saffy as I think that she is pregnant and I don't really want to jeopardise that, as I have been looking forward to it for many years now...
Nicole will be there as well so speak to her, but I would still love to meet you.
All the best Dee and the girls
At 2:27pm on June 19, 2009, Ossian said…
see you tomorrow we are on after 40 odd wolfhounds! I will get Carol gill to point you out!
At 2:34pm on June 19, 2009, Nicole Wilson said…
Hi Evie,
Lanarkshire sounds great! I'm definitely up for it if we can make it! Looking forward to hopefully meeting you tomorrow - if I can find you!
At 7:21am on July 6, 2009, Ossian said…
Hi Dave - ooh that makes me mad!!

We have been talking about making enquiries at the likes of Scone, and Glamis etc to take the dogs - when you look at the Highland Show there are literally hundreds of dogs go to the show and thousands of dog owners!!!

Our biggest draw on the Hearing Dog stand was the huge water bowls which we kept full with clean fresh water all day.

Still working towards getting setters together later this year! Determined!

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