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Quel avenir pour le setter irlandais en France ?

Nouvelles directives de jugement données par le Red Club en France.
Lors de l'assemblée générale du Red Club, le 28 juillet 2007, le comité nous a indiqué les nouvelles directives de jugement :
Taille idéale pour obtenir le CACS : 56 à 60 cm pour les femelles et 59 à 64 cm pour les mâles.
Ces tailles ont été fixées car, d'après le comité, les grands chiens ne savent pas chasser.
Pour obtenir le CAC en exposition il faut avoir 7 caractères jugés excellents ( tête, avant main, corps, arrière main, ensemble, robe et démarche ) et un chien dans la taille idéale.
Ceci nous a été indiqué le samedi avec application à partir du lendemain lors de la Nationale d'Elevage.
Que pouvons nous faire, quel est l'avenir du setter irlandais en France ?
Je remercie Susan qui s'est proposée pour la traduction.

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They do look lovely Laura! Why not take a bag full to your next dogshow and let the judge decide which 'horse-chestnut' (different to edible chestnuts) fits to which Irish Setter;-))

I was no good at Conkers, Carmel - Butterfingers, me!
hehe ursula,do you have these in sweden? :-))) your fauna might not be as extended (?) as hungary's ;-)))

jelena, i will take photos of the other edible type of chestnuts as soon as it gets cold. old women are selling them near the underground and bus stations :)

sorry to have left the topic theme...
Not only do we have them in Sweden, I have two in my garden...so I can check if my setters have the correct colour EVERY day during the season!

Peut- être peut-on communiquer l'adresse de ton forum sur cette page et vice versa, mettre un lien vers ce forum sur ton site web afin que tout le monde soit au courant des différentes discussions ?
Jacques - j'aimerais essayer de faire une traduction en anglais, pour que tout le monde puisse comprendre ta excellente réplique. Mais comme je ne maîtrise pas parfaitement le français je m'excuse en avant, si quelque chose n'est pas tout-à-fait juste.
J. - I'd like to try to translate into english so that everyone can understand your excellent reply. But as my french is not perfect I must apologize for possible errors in advance.
I'd like to address some points, despite not fully understanding english. One point is the moment fo first introduction of the size issue. I say first introduction as the original FCI standard did not contain any measurements. so when the FCI requested a size limit from the irish KC they suggested to adopt the size within a 12 year period, setting three deadlines to slowly adapt. Regrettable this was not accepted by the FCI.and the smallest size was put directly into the new standard.

Even when the dog is judged as a whole there are still several parts of the dog that the judge will assess and take into consideration for his final grading.

The part mentioned by Monique about the colour is in a comment on the standard and the explanation is given that certain lines of working bred irish are of a slightly lighter colour and this should be accepted. The colour being less important than faults or qualities specific to the breed. I must insist that the wording is 'slightly lighter'. It does not mention 'yellow'. The standard says a rich colour going from fresh chestnut to mahogani (as in the FCI standard). I'd add that a fresh chestnut is not dark.

Now the crucial point is to know if the Red Club has the right or not to determine size limits different to those of the FCI standard for attribution of the CAC. On this we do not have a reply.
All I can say is that similar directives are in use for the English Setter in France and have been for some time, without anyone troubling the club about it. And this makes me very worried for the Irish Setter.
Can the SCC (French Kennel Club) do anything? The FCI surely - but what do they do?

The mention was made concerning shows and certainly at CACIB (international) shows the only rule that counts is that of the FCI. Does this mean that the judge will give one dog the CACIB (international champion certificate) and the CACS (french certificate) to another?

Jacues, like you, I have problems writting in French, however, I can read French. The colour of the Irish Setter here in th U.S. should be a deep mahogany and some white down the front of the chest is acceptable. As for height (tailles) we do not measure the dogs. It is up to the judge to know when a dog is too tall, too short and too large and to judge accordingly. Conformation is very important as good structure and conformation leads to good movement, which is also very important. If a judge feels that a dog that is being exhibited does not meet the standard, the dog may be excused for the day. There is no Disqualifaciton in the AKC standard on any of the three Setters. The Irish Red & White has not been reconnized as yet in the States but is reconized in Canada.
Sorry, I don' seem to be able to fit in the translation directly under the text I wish to translate...

Désolée, mais il ne me semble pas possible de mettre la traduction directement au dessous du text à traduire...
we appreciate your efforts! really!
Susan you are doing a terrific job with the translating. Although I understand most of the text in French I am not always sure I understand it correctly. So this helps a lot.

Viens donc boire un café à la maison et goûter mon Kougelhopf !!! Nous ne sommes qu'à une bonne heure de route l'une de l'autre.
Grâce a tes efforts les frenchy peuvent participer.
Nous sommes vraiment très reconnaissants.
Thanks! :-)

Merci à tout-le-monde! :-)

Monique - tu fais un Kougelhopf? J'arrive...
Salut Monique,

Pour le Kougelhopf, on est preneurs début Novembre....

Merci encore à Susan, wonderful job.

bisous et caresses aux filles..





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