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I am confused because I can not publish any pictures on my blog posts. Am I banned ;)) or have some of my settings gone wrong?


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in the past few days something was strange :) i was logged off several times which has never ever happened since i joined. maybe the same happened to you, check if you logged in.
if that part is ok, Gene is surely going to help :-)
Hi Katariina - Sorry that our site is misbehaving. I had a couple questions for you:

- Are you on a PC or Mac?
- What web browser and version are you using?
- Do you have a broadband or dial-up conection?
- Could you post photos to the blogs before and if so,
did any of the above change?
- When you reply to blogs, do you see the toolbar above
the reply box (B I U S oo etc.). If so, do you see the
little green box to the far right hand side? If you do,
what happens when you like on it?

Thanks for your feedback. Given my work schedule, it may make sense to email me these details as well - gharris144@aol.com
Gene, I think one of the problems why the site is slow is that people upload pictures in their posts - not in the album - that are much too big in format. If they downsized them they would come up faster and - on some computers- better visible. I get those oversized pictures in some odd distorted way - if I save them, they are ok - so why not downsize them before posting. Would speed up the site considerably. if you download pix wit 80 kb instead of 2,5 mb!
Hi Silvia - Very observant comment that I agree with.

On the distorted pictures, try using either Firefox or Internet Explorer 7. I had the same issue until I upgraded from IE 6.
I upgraded my IE, as I do not like the others much - or rather my computer always acts strangely! Pix are fine, but I would still advise everybody to downsize them. It is quite easy.
i have a new problem. i can see on the main page if somebody replies to a discussion but when clicking on "last reply", i receive the message: "reply deleted". BUT: if i go into the discussion and go to the end, the reply is there...
i have the same problem.
Interesting Laura. I received an email notification that you replied to a thread I was on and I got the same type of REPLY DELETED message. I need to check regardless till they get it fixed.

Katariina - I see photos in your blog post so I assume this is working OK for you? Please let me know if it is not. Thanks!
In addition, now I can't even see my private messages any longer... I can see that there is a new message but not able to open the folders...
Hi Laura - Are the private messages the ones you get to clicking on the envelope at the top of the page? Or is it something else that I am not familar with?
yes, the envelop one - but it started to work again 2 hours ago. (and I get a mail into my private mailbox anyway, so no worries).

the "last reply" stuff is still out of function, still get the REPLY DELETED comment. if i go into the discussion, i can see the reply. the problem starts if people do not respond to the last comment but to a previous one, meaning that you have to check all the thread to detect the last comment made :-)
I'm having major problems with this site; this is operating really slowly. Mostly I blame it on my browser ie. Opera. Anybody else having problems with this browser?

Let's hope I'll get this reply thru...




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