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I am confused because I can not publish any pictures on my blog posts. Am I banned ;)) or have some of my settings gone wrong?


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Hi Johanna - I am sorry that the site is acting up and misbehaving for you. You are not the first person to report issues using Opera and even Firefox. The site is built on what is called a Web 2.0 architecture. It allows you to interact with the site without refreshing the entire page like a traditional site. Because of this, it is very resource intensive (uses a lot of your computer's capabilities or capacity) and I think runs best on Internet Explorer. How often do you restart your computer? How fast is your Internet connection? Is it broadband/high speed or dial up? I have found restarting my PC if it has been a while since I have restarted and I have had a lot of applications open at once. I can see it being slow on a dial up since the site downloads content in the background in anticipation of your next move. Let me know if restarting helps at all.
Sorry to answer this late to you Gene. But to the questions you asked me first. My webbrouser is Firefox and yes I could post pictures before but now when I try to add blog posts i don´t have this toolbar at all where i could add pictures and so on...
Hi Katariina - Didn't I see a blog posts of yours with hunting photos or is this still happening? Did you change your browser settings, download a toolbar like Yahoo or Google, change PCs or browsers or operating systems recently? I know that some people hate Internet Explorer. Could you try it on IE and see if you see the toolbar?




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