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Is it OK to give a bath twice a month? She hates it. Once (first time) I got in a bath with her and hold her and reassured her that she would be fine.  She still is afraid of hairdryer. So we just towel her and usually I hold her on my lap and hugging her until she is dry and not upset anymore.

Pam recommend me to get puppy use to hair dryer by just turning it on, and play with it, so she’ll use to it. We didn’t wash her for a while because of her ear infections. May be this weekend will go for it again.

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We usually bath each dog once a week. She will stop fighting it :)
Hi Inna,

I bathe my dogs at least once every two weeks - more often if they are being shown. Their first bath is always tough - you will get as wet as the dog!! They get better each time so keeping bathing her. The best way to get her use the the hair dryer is to put her on the grooming table and have someone feed her while you gently put the dryer on her. Give her liver or hot dogs or whatever she likes. One of your kids can talk with her, pet her, and feed her while you are drying her. Soon, she will be acting like it is no big deal!
We got last year plastic booster bath to use outside and we loved it. It has a dog harness inside and very comfortable to use. Just need to get some hot water outside, so we can use it in spring and in a fall. In a winter (next winter) we'll use it in a basement also. So would need a pump to get working.
Hello Inna ~

Haha on the bath - my boyfriend James did the in the tub thing for Joss on his first bath. Meanwhile I took pictures and laughed so hard at Joss' pity me eyes. I got some great photos of him.

He has since had his 2nd bath and was very patient with me as I did this alone. He wasn't totally thrilled with the bathing part but he didn't try to get out of the tub either. He was a dirty pup that day after playing at the muddy dog park but he was all clean afterward.

I will likely bathe him about once a month, or as dirt dictates. And while he doesn't like the bathing he LOVES the towel to dry off. He dances all around and weaves between my legs wearing the towel. I have not introduced him to the blow dryer yet but that will have to happen at some point once his coat comes in. For now I am happy and so is he with the towel and a nice roll on the rug afterward.

Do you or anyone out there in group land have a favorite shampoo to use?

Autumn, we washed her yesterday and she doesn't like it at all. She run from me 3 times and I called for help. My husband and I were washing her and my daughter were giving her liver pieces. Amber terrified of hairdryer and Pam advised me to get to use to it gradually. May be just turning it on and play with it on a carpet, like with a toy. I am still planning soon to put her on a grooming table. She is very stubborn, so am I. We'll see how would win.
Here is a website I got my grooming stuff from. breeder of my previous dog very recommended it to us and warned us not to get any stuff from Pet stores. I got some more stuff on a national show last summer and now we all set for a long while.
Here what we got
1. Coconut Breeze with Vitamin E
A high quality Vitamin E shampoo. Helps return luster to damaged coats and restores natural oils to skin and coat. Dilute 10:1
(that one smells SO NICE). Yesterday I used 1 tea spoon of it, added 10 tea spoons of water and it was enough.
2. Silk ‘N Satin
Silk conditioner formulated to control static. Excellent at removing mats. Makes brushing easier and reduces drying time. Adds body and sheen. Dilute 12:1; Daily grooming spray dilute 30:1. Dilute with distilled water to leave in coat.
3. Velvet Touch
Conditions the coat to its optimum potential. Will leave the coat shiny and lustrous. Dilute 32:1. Dilute with DISTILLED WATER to leave in coat.

We got both of those conditions and used them as grooming sprays also.
Same as with shampoo I used yesterday just 1 teaspoon of conditioner and dilute it 10:1. Works great.
And before I did use it as a spray 30:1 for grooming also.
Let me know if you decide to go with the same stuff and if you like it.
Also in a same company site they have
1. Soothing Splash Tea Tree Spray
Soothing Splash Tea Tree Oil Spray is a combination of tea tree oil and other soothing ingredients, which aids in the treatment of hot spots, cuts, bites, itchy skin and fungus. It has an unpleasant taste to reduce licking and chewing. Soothing Splash is excellent to use as an ear cleaner.
(we got it on a show)
and also this one from mosuitoes
2. Organic Finishing Rinse
A gentle organic rinse comprised of four natural oils that are insect repellants. Repels flies, fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. Use on yourself as well! Dilute 3 ounces to 1 gallon distilled water.
My friend use it on himself. it's nice to have a small spray bottle when you go to the park and can use on you also.
Inna - I let the puppies in the bedroom with me while I am drying my own hair and this gets them used to the noise - THEN when they get curious enough - I turn it on warm low and let it blow on them just a few seconds
eventually they come to LOVE it.
We have used the organic finishing rinse for bugs since the 2005 nat'l - it is WONDERFUL!
Kim, did you use "organic finishing rinse for bugs " on yourself also as was recomended to me?
Thank you, Kim for great idea. I don’t use dryer a lot, but when I do – I would let puppy in a bathroom with me. She loved following me around the house and explores things. And I love her being next to me, since I don’t see her much. (Working 6 days a week.)
Okay, this is going to seem like a strange question probably but I have used some really great products on some of my horses that I know worked well for strengthening their hair and keeping great long manes and tails and healthy shiny coats. Is there any chance that I would be able to use some of those same products with GiGi?? Not a whole lot of experience with keeping a good show coat on dogs buts LOTS of experience growing out manes and tail on my Arab show horses. I took great pride in always having the longest tail in the ring, what a picture it creates with that tail flying behind. Similar to that of a beautiful Setter in full coat ;)

Hello, Katie
This is not an answer to your question. You just reminded me of a story that happened to me on national show last summer.
Staying in hotel I forgot to take my shampoo and conditioner from home and I was stupid enough to use hotel stuff. Imagine a picture – 11 pm, I am sitting on my bed almost crying – my hair felt so bad after awful hotel product. My husband saved me by driving to target and getting me decent shampoo and conditioner. But when I told this story to our breeder he said that I should use dog’s stuff for me since I am buying a good stuff for dog and never spend so my money for myself. So I think it might work whatever you use on horses. At least you can try, I guess….




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