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Those who know me know I am heavily involved in rescue. It's much more than a hobby to me, with my first rescue way back in 1979. Since that time, my love of the breed and particularly of the rescue Setters has grown stronger. In 2003, Save Our Setters was formed to help answer the need. In 2004, SOS adopted 38 deserving dogs to equally deserving forever homes. 2005 proved nearly 100% growth. More growth befell SOS in 2006, with 112 adoptions. 2007 is shaping up to blow 2006 out of the water, with nearly 90 adoptions so far, and several adoptions pending which will put SOS near 100 adoptions.

SOS has worked with many other Setter rescue groups across the country, assisting in providing foster homes, back-up support for Setters in need with no place to go, transport assistance, notifying of Setters in need, and even adoptive homes. SOS has also taken in quite a few Setters who were unadoptable due to health issues adn/or advanced age. These deserving furkids would have had no chance were it not for SOS' Hospice and Retirement Home Program, which provides them with loving homes for as long as they have quality of life.

SOS has also been instrumental at bringing about change at several breeding facilities. After a visit by the local Sheriff, one such facility is now required to provide nothing less nutritious than dog food for their breeding stock and is subject to inspections twice a month to ensure compliance. Another facility was found to be out of compliance with Missouri Department of Agriculture regulations, and was given two weeks to come into compliance or have all the dogs confiscated. Many SOS volunteers are ready to respond when called upon to investigate the conditions at other facilities about which a complaint is filed for neglect and/or cruelty.

What is in the future plans for SOS? More rescue Setters will be entering the program. More inspections of sub-standard breeding operations are likely. Due to the need, further expansion of the Hospice and Retirement Program is in the works. SOS is also hoping to provide grants to owners who, due to circumstances, cannot provide for emergency care for their Setters, but who have a long track record of providing excellent care in the past.

Of course, SOS, like any other rescue organization, can only do as much as its resources allows. Without quality foster homes, Setters in need have no place to go. Without volunteers, work remains undone. Without transporters, Setters can't get to their foster homes and/or their forever homes. Without donations, financial obligations are not met.

I know several of you are involved in rescue locally. KUDOS!! I am owned by one Irish lass, KELSEY (who still leaves pawprints on the ceiling), and one Golden girl, GINGER (also known as the Gingergator for her stealth swimming and fishing activities) - both seniors, and both rescues. The last picture is of KELSEY from the shelter in KY. Just curious how many have adopted Setters from rescues, and what stories you would like to share about your "unwanted" furkids!


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I have had the pleasure of owning several Irish Setter rescue dogs. One in particular was not the most graceful dog. I smile thinking of him in the ring or doing agility, or trying to either. He had kind of a Saint Bernard’s body but the head and the coat were unmistakably Irish. Alissa called him ‘Lerch’ because of this. I called him ‘Mr. Roo-Roo’ because he didn’t bark, he RROOOOOed. Orion, his real name, got along well with my other dogs and people. At 100 lbs., it goes without saying that Mr. Roo-Roo loved to eat. Sadly, he came in and out of my life way too soon.

I miss you Orion. Alissa and I will see you at the Bridge.
Thanks for sharing, Gene and Ginger. I've had numerous laughs over the antics of these crazy dogs, and it has been good for the soul.

I busted out laughing last night. Apparently, one of the foster moms was trying to break the King of Countersurfing's bad habit. All traditional methods failing, she resorted to mousetraps. Shortly after setting a few traps in a manner to allow them to spring without actually trapping the dog, she heard the snap. No yelp - good! Oh, but what's this? A red streak running through the living room with a mousetrap in his mouth. Goodness! It must have caught his tongue!!

No, wait... he has the mousetrap - it doesn't have him! Take trap away.

Of course, he is thoroughly enjoying this new game!! Twice more, he purposely set off a trap, and carried his bounty into the living room!! Does anyone want to adopt a really smart Irish lad???????
King of Countersurfing - sounds like an event in the Irish Setter Olympics! :)




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