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The Poodle and Red Heads...long story!

Can you imagine....A so called breeder in our area gave away a whole litter of Irish Setters, papers and all. They were no longer small, cute and cuddly and she couldn't get them sold. My former manager took several of them and again gave them to anyone who wanted them. She kept a male for herself. We took the last male as she was going to give him to a really creepy guy. In the meantime she was breeding Standard Poodles. She came to work one day with the Poodle and asked me if I would take her as she was about to take all the pooles to the pound. Of course I took her...I've been around her since she was a baby and I couldn't imagine her in the pound! She gave her to me with papers and pregnant and a phone number to the Sires owner...Nice huh! So now I have 7 poodle babies! Back to the red heads...a couple of weeks after we took in the poodle she came to work again and dumped her setter boy on me...saying she was taking him to the pound too and that he was just too annoying with his counter surfing! What should have been 1 Irish Setter and 1 poodle is now 8 poodles and 2 Irish Setters! This woman now wants the setter boy back AND a girl poodle pup! What the hell? Does she want to create Irish Poodles!!! NOT going to happen!!! Am I a foster home? Well...I am now! What do you do? At least they are happy, healthy and safe. Any advice?

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