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Does anyone know why dog's noses can change from black to an ugly brown during the winter months? Is there anything I can do to stop it happening (well, apart from using black shoe polish, that is;-))
I am sure it comes from lack of sunishine during the winter but I also assume there is a genetic component. Erin & Glen (mother & son) are affected, but usually not Shannon and Bramble.
I remember a judge once telling me to feed tomatoe puree to the dogs for good pigment - but I never really believed this. Does anyone know more?

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My first setters used to have black noses all the year round, but then suddenly the pale winter-noses sneaked in. I was pretty disturbed to begin with, but have resigned to it all.
I now have one winter-pale and (her daughter) a black all the year round.
When I first got into a flap about it, I was told it could be helped with iron-suplement in the food. I have to admit that as soon as the sun came out and the noses turned black again (and I realised that the lack of sun was the problem) I stopped bothering.
Havana has brown 'winter nose' too. It doesn't look good :/ but we can't do anything... only waiting when their noses will be suntanned ;-)
I had this problem with my oldest bitch. She is now 9 years old and the last 4 – 5 years her nose have been black all the year round. It didn’t bother me because she is not a show dog but it wasn’t a pretty sight… One year her nose turn from black to light brown, almost pink so after that she got the nickname “ the clown”… :-) I also think it’s genetic because I know that Fannie’s sister also have this problem.
Thanks Ursula, Agnieszka and Sara for your replies.

The winter nose seems to be a well known phenomenon, seen more in some dogs than in others.

I'm still hoping someone can come up with a fantastic remedy - Glen is due for a dog show in February and I am hoping somebody can give me an idea... maybe I should spend the next 6 weeks in the South of France??? :-))
You found the solution all by yourself. You can just about cram in six weeks in the sun if you start packing right away! :-)
Maybe the south of France is not your best bet, perhaps somewhere with more guaranteed sunshine would be better. Like some far off island with palmtrees and golden beaches and crystal-clear water and waiters serving ice-cold drinks and all that.

Ursula, why do I get the feeling those grey days are getting you down...? This one is for you.
Thank you!
Just the type of place I had in mind :-)
This would turn any winterbleached nose black in no time!
i stay at home. i hate sun and hot weather. come to hungary during the summer and you'll know why...
to be absolutely honest, I feel the same Laura. But you must admit we'd do anything for our dogs (' noses...). Hehe.
Nice place... - we are going with you !!! :D
Odin had a black nose in her earlier years. Then it turned brown during winter time and back to black again. But for some reason it is mainly brown all the time now :) Please explain this!
Danka had no problems until now, this is the first winter she has it brown, if I remember right. Maybe I should check some photos :-)
I don't really care about it, honestly said. Sure, it looks better when black, but hey, who is perfect ;-)))

i read that tomato juice is good against pee markings on the grass in the garden (getting yellow). no idea about puree and pigment though.
Conner has black nose all the time, BUT.... his eyelids light up in winter and I'm sure it comes from lack of sun. In summer his eyelids are dark brown and he looks more beautiful, so whole winter I'm waiting for the summer when Conner's eyelids can sunbathe :)




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