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Want to swap loveable looney stories?
Okay - here's what my loveable loonies were just up to last week.
They've been getting roaming privileges lately - I leave the bedroom door open upstairs because they like to go up there and look out the big front windows at everything going on in the street - sometimes they bounce back from the back view, here in the family room where I am typing, to the front view, upstairs.
It's good exercise for them to run up and down the stairs, and they like the choice.
BUT ...
It was too quiet.
Suddenly Duke (2 years 4 months) slunk downstairs and onto the sofa with me, but not NEXT to me - he laid down with his back to me and pretended to go right to sleep.
That did not bode well for what they had been up to.
So I went upstairs.
As I walked up the stairs, I saw my pillowcase - empty - at the top of the stairs.
Not a good sign.
Then I turned into the bedroom.
Uh oh!
There was a pile of feathers. Undisturbed.
Abby was lying on the bed, with her back to the feathers.
Clearly NEITHER of the puppies was going to confess to the deed.
I think they thought they killed the bird.
So they've not had roaming privileges in a while.
Hmmm. It's silent again.
I think I need to go see what's going on.
Any other good loveale loonie stories? I mean this not as an insult. And they're very bright dogs - they KNEW they shouldn't have killed Mommy's pillow. But playing tug-of-war with it must have seemed like a good idea at the time. They just couldn't figure out where to go to completely disappear.

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