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How was it?!

Eagerly waiting for some news, please tell me all! Did you have an "Exclusively meeting", wearing weird hats, or was it dummies, or what??


Results I found here: http://crufts.fossedata.co.uk/

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sorry, i was not there, but was clicking the refresh button every minute to see the results :-)

my pointer friend won special gundog and was 2nd in open (bitch). other hungarian pointers were placed 3-4th in the classes, so a nice day for them.
Congratulations to all the winners....how exciting...will go one day....I hope

Just wanted to share with all the members the glorious showing and win of Irish Setter Kerrsienna A Paige In History JW-"Paige" at Crufts Gundog Day 2008. In the Mid-Limit Class with 23 entries and 8 absentees, "Paige" won the class and was then entitled to go back in for the challenge certificate. Close but no cigar but that's ok because making a class cut is one thing, getting place another but to actually win a class at Crufts, well this is the ultimate experience. I fondly remember this feeling well as "Paige's" dam Kerrsienna Chicago Rave JW won both her classes at Crufts 2000.I was so very exicted yesterday when all the Irish Setter results were posted.Being the Breeder of "Paige" is such an honor.

Rosemary Kerr & The Kerrsienna Clan of Irish Setters
We are waiting for photos :)
I have seen that Marloes her gordon setter become Best of Breed at the crufts!!! (she's also a member of Exclusively Setters)
Congrats to her and her beautiful girl Griffyn... :)
I've just got back from Crufts!!
Seemed to be the only visitor from the "Exclusively band" - except Kasia who I saw to take many photos so ask her for posting some :-))
I took just a very few photos as I decided to enjoy the show and talk to friends this time. I can say it was much more pleasant to see the show in live instead of watching everything through the camera as usual :-)))))
I saw Wim and Alexadra too, their dogs did well and was placed nicely!!
Well I did make it there ! left the house with my dog at 5.15 am and got there in good time just after 7.30 am! Was very pleased with Peter (Brackenfield Flanagan) in veteran dog as he is such a pleasure to handle especially on the move, did not get anything but 25 in the class so just very happy that he was classified last year to be in such good company!
The show has now become a HUGE affair with TV crews all over the place and it does get very crowded indeed by lunchtime! Of course everything for dogs is there onsale and I did quite a bit of shopping as some of my favourites things were on special offer but I did draw the line when I got to a stand called Aquapaws....I asked what it was exactly ?! and YES it is bottled water for dogs!!!! I told them I needed at least a bucket a day and that would very likely ruin both my husband and I and if I started using it! Apart from that, met with all my usual friends and met some new ones too! Also Sybil Lennox ( Hartsboune Brackenfield )made the trip ....she is 88 this month and such a pleasure to talk to ,with a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. Came back quite late as we are not allowed to leave before 4pm and then everyone get stuck on the motorway around Birmingham! It is always quite a memorable day as you meet all the members of the public too who want to know everything about your dogs and always so much to talk about! Still I am glad we had a day of rest today at home! Catherine Carter
Yvonne Beekelaar also a member her gordon setter Pelle became 4 th at Crufts in his class.

Congratulations for Her and Marloes.
Again a dutch Party st Crufts.
Pelle won Last year best Gordon.
some photos: -click-
Congratulations to all the exhibitors from ES at Crufts. Great results coming in from all over: GB, Belgium, the Netherlands, even Switzerland:-) and Hungary.
I think opening Crufts to become international has given it an extra sparkle.

I will pack my pink hat and dumbell and come along next year!!!
What? You have a pink hat ready Susan?
I have only got as far as the dumbell!!!!! In fact my whole house is filled with them.

Congratulations to all winners and all that did not quite make it THIS time! See you all next year!!!!!!!!!! :-)
No puppies for me next Crufts (I hope).
Of couse! I went out and bought one the very moment word was spread that this was the one and only true sign of being a member of Exclusively Setters... don't say you don't have one, Ursula!




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