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If we are looking att great photos and paintings of setters, how about looking at some not quite so great setters?
This is one of my favorites.
Created by Linstow in 1947 and an illustration in a childrens book about farm animals. Whoever Linstow was, he/she appears to have some problem with that left front leg...:-) Anyone else with some interesting "irish setters" hidden away?

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Hahaha, I think you are right about that leg... but it does proove it is a REAL setter!!!
setter as farm animal? :-)
Seems like every farm should have one! At least according to the book...the rest is cows and chickens, lambs and actually a bitch with puppies (cross-bred I think).
Here is another great one, bought in Ireland (although I dont think the irish should be blamed). It can walk, well it sort of staggers along, but as you can see by the package it came in, ITS A CHAMPION!!!!!!! Wow!
How could I possibly resist this one?

how many euros? ;-)
Are you trying to make a bid????????????? :-)
of course, such a great champion! ;-)
I understand that this is one that MANY people would like to own, but I have to be fair and not hide his/her faults.

First of all, there is unfortunatly no way you can breed from him/her, mainly due to the fact that its hard to tell which sex this dog belongs to. (And yes, I know what to look for!)

Secondly (as I mentioned before) he/she is NOT a great mover. A certain draw-back in the ring.

Then there is the screw (sort of disturbing) on one side and a wind-up thing on the other side. I dont know what a show-judge would say about this. Although its probably OK as this is a champion so at least some judges have thought its merits outweighed its faults.

So, what can I say but...if you can offer a good home...:-)
is the screw because of a surgery? maybe so bad conformation that it needs screws to hold the dog together? :-)
You see when I bought him, he allready had the philips-screw + the wind-up-item embedded in his body.
I assume this is due to the particular line he comes from. I recall seeing one other with a screw in exactly the same place!
Amazing now that I think about it.

And yes Laura, you are so right, he/she most CERTAINLY needs the screw to stay in one piece.
But to tell you the truth, he/she does not appear to be bothered about the screw at all. No licking, scratching etc...
I've not found a worst setter so far but a pretty odd christmas tree decoration:

I often wonder who dreams these things up...:-)




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