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Teaching a setter to heel after bad habits have set in

This problem is on a much lower scale than most of you are used to, I know, but perhaps you can help me.

I always raised our puppies, and I had a regular routine whereby they easily learned to heel.

But I am now semi-disabled, and my husband has had the job with our two young'uns - one 2 1/2, one 1 1/2.

They have gotten used to being walked with those retractable leashes, which allows them to bounce around all over the place and be happy.

Unfortunately, the time has come where I cannot control them on those leashes, nor on a lead. They want to pull constantly, and they are strong.

How do I retrain them to be able to heel (or, perhaps I should say, how do I train my husband to train them to heel when walked)?

They are both very smart dogs. I have my days when I think they may be smarter than my husband ... he doesn't want to make them "unhappy." But the situation is such that I can't walk them at all now. That's not good for either them or me.



Mary (that's a picture of Duke with his duckie, about a year ago - he's the 2 1/2-year old).

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I used Halti as well on Danka when young and after some time she realized that she doesn't have to wear it if she behaves well :-) Don't misunderstand it, Halti does not hurt the dog. It works similar to the bridle / halter on horses.
A Halti is an excellent idea...I used one a few years ago on a large Irish boy that insisted on pulling...and it worked well....They do not like it at first, but it certainly does not hurt them, probably for them and you then tugging at the lead all the time.....

With three unanimous answers, we'll have to try this! Thanks! -- Mary (and Duke and Abbie)
PS - now, I put the Halti on the dog, not the husband, right?
Hmmm left out a word...should read ...probably better for them and you, then tugging at lead.....etc etc...

as for Halti on the husband....hmmmmm now there is an idea worth looking at........LOL

Forgive mine ignorance ladies, but can someone tell me what is Halti?
i believe i've never saw this one before.

Thanks Laura!
this is the greatness of this site: you always learn new things! :-)
halti is very popular in finland and estonia, have seen it on many english setters there!
Popular in Scandinavia too, and they do not hurt the dog unless you jerk them hard.
Some dogs will take some time getting used to them...the downside will be people asking if the dog is dangerous...as it has a muzzle.
Do they have to use it forever? Can't you take it off after they learn how to heel?

I think it would be difficult to take off and expect the dog to have learned how to heel.

The Halti applies pressure over the dogs nose and works in the way that the more the dog pulls, the more uncomfortable it becomes for the dog. Once the dog walks without pulling, the pressure is released totally.
Therefore I do not see this as a training-method, but rather a method to walk with a dog that has not been trained. Training a dog NOT to pull (especially when you walk more than one dog at a time and the dog has been allowed to pull for years) takes a lot of time, effort and determination.
I am certain the Halti will work fine for you.




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